Tuesday, 2 December 2008

We have a picture!

Whilst routing around looking for some other pictures I stumbled across some very old pictures of the regiment. Now these pics pretty much show everything that I have apart from the mass of Leman Russ', heavy weapons teams and my Baneblade to name a few.

Ok so in the picture we have:
at the front (from L to R) - meltagun, junior officer, commissar, junior officer, meltagun, vindicare assassin, master vox, senior officer, regimental standard, meltagun, medic, commissar, plasmagun, junior officer, plasmagun, junior officer medic.

obviously in the middle the heavy weapons and infantry speak for themselves - ignore the headless zombie squad.

at the very back (from L to R) - chimera, leman russ vanquisher, leman russ, basilisk, leman russ demolisher, leman russ exterminator, chimera.

at the back in front of the tanks (from L to R) - cadian pattern sentinel, lascannon team, kasrkin squad, missile launcher, sniper, cadian pattern sentinel.

A close view of part of the Command squad - the regimental standard is probably my best painted model now. Skin etc has been improved.

And finally one of the Cadian Pattern Sentinels.

I hope that this gives everyone some idea of the size of the unfinished part of my army let alone the huge amount that requires building. I have decided to put the tank company on hold until I can get hold of a spray gun so I can quickly paint them up.


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