Sunday, 18 April 2010

613 "Tundo ab Redemptio" (Anvil of Redemption) - EFTC

Well the third tank is complete for the EFTC. When I say complete I really mean it just needs a spray coat of matt varnish, but I've run out and can't be bothered to order any more at the moment, but I don't think it'll make much difference in how the tank appears in the pictures. Although hopefully when it is sealed the turret numbers won't be so shiny. I've also got a new camera phone which is what these photos have been taken with so apologies if they suck.

"Tundo ab Redemptio" (Anvil of Redemption) is the third tank in the first squadron in my EFTC, and so completes this squadron. She is also the sister tank to "Marcus ab Morsus" (Hammer of Pain), so I know have "Hammer" and "Anvil" :). I again painted the name and designation on freehand on the underside of the hull. I think that my freehand is starting to come along quite nicely, practice is helping.

Some more shots of the side and front of the tank. I got a bit lazy when it came to some parts of this tank. For example the sponson weapons, I just couldn't be bothered putting multiple layers of Goblin Green on followed by Camo Green highlights. So they just got a Knarloc Green coat and then the same Bleached Bone drybrush as the rest of the tank.

A pic of the back of the tank and a top down view. The two backpacks on the left tracks are from the Cadian Heavy Weapon sprue. Had lots of them lying around so figured why not put them to good use. I also added a ForgeWorld piece onto the right of the tank in the storage section. They are labelled as Heavy Bolter ammo boxes, I just had to add some bits of sprue to the bottom of them to stop it falling into the storage bin.

These final shots are just some close up detail ones. The picture on the left shows the crewman gunner, or should I say dead crewman gunner. I didn't want all the crew looking like similar copies of each other, so had an attempt at modelling this dead guy. I just used the standing legs from the tank accessory sprue, with the body and then a set of arms. The head is from the Cadian troops box. For the bullet wounds, I just used my knife and dug out some crude holes. Then I painted Tallarn Flesh into the wounds, followed by Mechrite Red. Small amounts of Red Gore and then Blood Red were lightly brushed on. I tried to put a little more detail into his face and actually painted his mouth and teeth, then added a little dribble of blood down his face. The sceond picture is just of the backpacks, showing how Devlan Mud can make even my paintjobs look good.

I'm not expecting to have any of the other tanks finished soon as I'm currently finishing off my Regimental Command Squad, so stay tuned for some infantry! Cheers for reading.


Zzzzzz said...

I love the green and green camo, works really well.

For your freehand, see if you can't pick up a white chinagraph pencil from somewhere; You'll be able to faintly draw on the numbers and letters before committing to paint. And if you have to go over it, it shouldn't show through (not like white paint does, anyway).

Unknown said...

I like the overall result although I want to draw your attention to something since you asked about mud effects.
Using dry brushing as a weathering technique (to add dust, mud etc.) tends to give ones model a somehow unnatural look. This is because dry brushing highlights the edges of the vehicle. In reality dust and mud tend to concentrate more on a vehicles recesses rather than the edges of its armour. That why I have been using pigment powders for this cause since I have found about them.
Hope this help!

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