Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Baneblade Super Heavy Tank - Vengeance

I think that the title for this post says it all.

I have finally finished my Baneblade that has been collecting dust for the past couple of months. I can't believe that I hadn't managed to finish it. So without further ado here is "Vengeance":

This is the name plate on the right hand side of the tank just under the turret. "Vengeance" is a transfer from the FW Imperial Guard Vehicle sheet. Although a little bleached in this picture, the name plate is edged in Shining Gold with the inside of the plate in Bleached Bone. A layer of gloss varnish has been added to help protect the transfer. Also in this picture the dirtying up of the tank can be seen (sort of). Basically I drybrushed the entire tank with Catachan Green. It gave the model an older look without going over the top.

Here we have a view of the front of "Vengeance" - looking very dusty. I used Orkhide Shade for the main body of the tank. I also chose not to use a camo scheme - I don't think camo is going to work on something this big. The heavy bolters, lascannons and autocannon were painted with Goblin Green, keeping with the colour scheme of the rest of my force. The targeting lenses were done with a coat of Mechrite Red, with a light overlay of Red Gore. A small highlight of Skull white was then placed in the corner. The viewing slits were done with a similar technique. This time Enchanted Blue was used, with a highlight of Ice Blue and Skull White. The searchlight is Iyanden Darksun. All of these "glass" areas were protected with a gloss varnish - after the entire model was protected with a matt varnish. The metal areas were either Boltgun Metal straight onto the surface or drybrushed on. The "For The Emperor!" transfer is again from the FW sheet.

The left hand side of the tank. The marking at the front of the tank was done using Mordian Blue with an Enchanted blue highlight. The two transfers on the turret are from the Baneblade sheet. The tracks were drybrushed first with Boltgun Metal and then a light drybrush of Mithril Silver.

The right hand side of the Super Heavy. Again the two transfers on the turret are from the Baneblade sheet. The name plate can also be seen a bit better on this side - as can the autocannon. This side shows that the Catachan Green drybrush helps to stop the tank looking uniform - the tank marking is brighter than on the other side of the tank.

Here's the view of the rear of the tank. The Tech shrine was done using Skull White for the symbol, Brazen Brass for the detail. Bleached Bone was used for the purity seals with a highlight of Rotting Flesh. Red gore was also used. Again metal areas were either painted with Boltgun Metal directly or drybrushed.

And finally we have a picture of the commander. Again this picture is a little bleached. I'll start from the top for this guy. His hair is Graveyard Earth with a Snakebite Leather highlight. His headset is Chaos Black with Codex Grey highlight and Boltgun Metal drybrush. The flesh is Tallarn Flesh with an Elf Flesh highlight. The bionic eye is Red Gore. The laspistol is Goblin Green with a Camo Green highlight and Mithril Silver for the barrel. The uniform is Snakebite Leather. His badge and honours were picked out with several different colours. The entire commander was given a wash of Devlan Mud.

And there you have it. One finaly completed Baneblade. Ready to deliver 11 barrels of righteous death to the Emperor's foes.


Unknown said...

That is an awesome job, alot of great detail in the model that the average person doesn't put.

zealot said...

nice man

Anonymous said...

Fantastic keep up the good work !

the other Kevin said...

Nice work! Thanks for the how to as well. The lense work really adds to the realism.

Glad to see I'm not the only one who puts things aside to be done ... later.
BTW, speaking from experience, a tank brush makes a great feather duster ;)

Cadian 127th said...

thanks for the comments everyone.

kevin: i think half the time i forget that i have some of these models. ah the tank brush sounds like a gd idea - now i just have to find it.

thanks again.

- Cadian 127th

Admiral Drax said...


I use a similar trick with catachan green, albeit in a different way: I pick out all the rivets with it. It looks dreadful under the glare of a flashbulb, but works great in natural light!

You've just inspired me to get cracking sooner on my own FW baneblade - only six years old, now, and still sitting there in its primer...!

- Drax.

Cadian 127th said...

may try picking out the rivets on one of my "practice" chimera's.

i'm glad i've inpsired you to get cracking Drax. gd luck and thanks for the comment.

- Cadian 127th

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