Wednesday, 4 February 2009


As the rumours of whats coming out for the Guard continue to circulate, so I near final final completion of some infantry squads.

Both squads for Platoon 7 and Platoon 9 (4 squads in total) are just awaiting varnishing. This is currently not possible with the freezing weather - damn! I have however managed to get some quick pics of a sergeant and vox-trooper - using my camera phone - hence the poor quality. These squads are the first ones I have done using a Camo Green highlight on the Goblin Green pieces and have also used a Devlan Mud wash all over the model.

I will be getting my fiancee to take some photos of the complete squads so stay tuned.
Also I will be renumbering the squads - Squad 712 is now Squad 222, Squad 714 is to become 242, 913 becomes 333 and 914 becomes 343.

Squad 714 (242) Sergeant

Squad 712 (222) Vox Trooper


Admiral Drax said...

Nice work - I like the mix of colours: the brown really brings the others out.

- Drax.

Cadian 127th said...

i'm amazed at how well theyve turned out with a quick wash. the pics of the finished squads should be up by tuesday i hope. thanks drax.

- Cadian 127th

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