Wednesday, 6 August 2014

145 - Capricorn Chimera Part 2

I dug through my emails (for about 20 seconds) and found more info when I bought the conversion kit. It is named the Capricorn Pattern and was created by machinator from Blood and Skulls Industry. I'm not sure if it's still available, but the only way to find out would be to ask him.

Anyway, after that little bit if helpfulness onto some actual hobbying stuff. I'm off work at the moment with a chest infection/pneumonia so apologies if my posts ramble more than normal - blame it on the drugs!

I've got about as far as I can on this model while I wait for some other bits to turn up. As you can see I've got the turret on and sorted - there will be a bit more about this further along in the post.

I haven't added any of the front/top hatches yet as I've got some magnets on order so I can magnetise the dozer blade again. Next time round I need to do this before I build the bloody thing!

The turret had the old style hatch filed down and I added the new one out of the Chimera kit to it. This needed the bottom ring removing so that it would sit flat. The hatch is glued shut and I plan on adding a heavy stubber to the mount as well.

Here is the ForgeWorld rear door. I got it to fit quite nicely but there are a few gaps. Hopefully once the undercoat is on these won't be that visible. There is also on the join between machinator's kit and the Chimera front compartment.

Everyone likes a view down the top. The rear of the turret does overhang the main top hatch, but I don't think that's too much of a problem. The whole thing just looks cool.

So I said that there would be more on the turret and here it is. I glued two magnets on top of each other (I didn't have any others that were the right diameter and the right thickness). These one's stop it from toppling over as there is enough surface area.

I glued two more magnets together before carefully figuring out where I wanted the turret to sit. In the end all of the angles on the turret line up nicely with the angles on the tank itself. The height of the magnets meant that there was enough clearance for it to rotate 360 degrees. Unfortunately, it looked a bit naff as there was a bit of a gap between the top of the tank and the bottom of the turret.

After a little bit of a scrummage around in my multiple bitz boxes, I found the hatch rings from the older Leman Russ'. A few bits of plastic were removed and the bottom edge (which was actually the top originally) was smoothed. This was then glued as close to centre as possible. A nice quick and easy addition that just works.

Next up will be magnetising the dozer blade. In the mean time where did I put that Valkyrie kit? :-)

Thanks for reading and as always comments and suggestions are appreciated.


Zerstoren said...

That old LR hatch did double duty as a turret ring in a conversion or two of mine back in the day :D Awesome work on the conversion.

Zzzzzz said...

Looking good.

Time off work is best spent on 40K - it takes your mind off being ill/unemployed.

And nice work on getting the turret to sit where you want it.

Buffer said...

Love this, can't wait to see it done

Mordian7th said...

Looking good, really dig how that's coming along!

Cadian 127th said...

@ CJ Kilbride - I've got a bunch of old bits that I've always wondered what use they will be - guessing I found out now! Cheers for the comment.

@ Zzzzzz - thanks for the comment. I'm not allowed to do any painting so it's just building stuff now. There's a Baneblade sitting staring at me next.

@ Buffer - thanks for the comment. Hopefully I'll get some paint on it when I'm not as ill.

@ Mordian 7th - cheers for the comment!

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