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Monday, 26 November 2012
Just a Few More Men!

Just a Few More Men!

I've put the set back Chimera's to one side for a while as the weather has turned pretty crappy here in the UK, so it's difficult to get outside to spray them, and my wife doesn't like coming home to find spray dust all over the kitchen/study/hallway (which has happened).

So in the meantime, I have attacked the pile of infantry models that I had lying around. I find that when I don't have the energy to paint, I do have the energy to clean up and build.

Here is the mass of infantry. Currently slightly organised (to my eyes anyway). I'll try to explain my slight organisation.

Top left is a squad of 10 models, with a meltagunner

Just below them is another squad of 10 with a meltagunner, Their sergeant is going to be the Baneblade commander model.

And below them are 24 torsos that will be put to use.

To the right of the torsos are a variety of 18 legs, mainly from the Cadian command squad box set.

In the bottom right are two of the limited edition "at ease" Cadians.

Above them is a commissar and a lord commissar.

Also there is a half built lascannon team.

Next up is a half finished trooper with missile launcher and a lieutenant with lightning claw conversion.

In the top right are a couple of metal snipers and plasmagunners.

Then at the top are 3 autocannon teams that have just about been started.

And finally below them is another pile of 10 torsos and 11 standing legs from the tank accessory sprue.

All in all a bit of a mess really, but the squads will start to take shape a bit better once I've actually glued the torsos to the legs. But on the face of things, I have another 67 ish men to add to the roll call.

Thanks for reading, and I'm off to glue some legs to bases.
Monday, 5 November 2012
Part 4: Set Back Chimeras

Part 4: Set Back Chimeras

Only a little bit of progress to show today. I added all of the rivets to the Chimera's, so that painfully slow job is done. I also added the dozer blade to both of them and magnetised it, after overwhelming support for that idea. So here are the rest of the pictures.

 The rather more loaded up Chimera.

And here you can see the dozer blade removed.

This is the second Chimera. I added a few more bits of stowage onto the turret to help bulk it out some more.

The stowage needed careful placement so that it didn't get stuck on the rear hatch. I ended up trimming the knife down on one of the bags to make it fit properly.

Here you can see the dozer blade removed from the second Chimera.

And finally, this is how I magnetised the dozer blades. A very simple four magnet job, with a bit of cutting and trimming on the blade support and on the underside of the tanks. In future, I would add the magnets to the inside of the Chimera to hide them away, but unless you pick the tank up and look underneath, they are hardly noticeable.

Also, the magnets are relatively strong, so the blade doesn't fall off too easily. You really have to shake the thing about to get it to move.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, 1 November 2012
FLGS Closing?

FLGS Closing?

Today I had a wander into my FLGS to pick up a Cadian Command Squad I had ordered in. It's located in a DIY shop, with the GW stuff at the front and the plumbing, electrical etc stuff at the back.

However, when I went in, all of the gaming tables had been moved behind the counter, the GW shelves were pretty much empty, the display cabinets were empty and the usual member of staff was nowhere to be seen.

Confused, I spoke to the member of staff who was in there, and was told that the usual guy had cleared out his stuff and gone on the missing list, possibly to Scotland. Even more confused, I asked about my order and was told that none of the orders had been placed. Fortunately I hadn't paid for the models yet, otherwise that may have been a bit of a problem.

Now a little bit annoyed, I asked what they were going to do with the remaining stock, tables and scenery and was informed that if they couldn't sell it, they'd throw it in the bin. Seeing an opportunity, I had a sift through the paints and scenery and grabbed 8 paints, a can of purity seal and a built and painted (and rather battered Bastion) - all for £25.

After I'd bought my bits, the member of staff asked if I could find out if anyone else may be interested in buying some of the left over stock, so this is me asking those of you in the blogging world that question.

The store is located in Longton, in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom. And the address is: 21 Commerce Street, Longton, ST3 1NW and is inside a shop called Dingy's.

I'm not sure how long he'll hold on to the stock for, but if anyone's local (ish) then you may be able to grab some bits. And here is the battered Bastion:

I reckon it can be salvaged, it's now about to receive a Power Spray bath to strip the paintwork down.
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