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Sunday, 29 August 2010
Platoon 9-1, Squad 9-1-4

Platoon 9-1, Squad 9-1-4

With all of the pictures of the completed squads of Platoon 7 now up on the blog, I thought it was about time that I showed Platoon 9 some love.

The pictures are done in the same style as before. All of the Platoon 9 squads are going to be kitted out in the same way. Consisting of a Sergeant, Grenade Launcher, Vox Caster and 7 regular Guardsmen. So here is Squad 9-1-4:

My only concern with this squad is that too many of the guardsmen look similar. I think with the next squads I'll have to try and mix the poses up a little bit.

And here is a shot of the back of the guardsmen. I currently have one squad waiting to have their photos taken and another on the workbench, but I don't know when I'll get round to doing them

So thats Squad 9-1-4. Thanks for reading and hopefully no ones getting bored of infantry yet.
Saturday, 14 August 2010
Platoon 7-1, Squad 7-1-2

Platoon 7-1, Squad 7-1-2

The final squad that I have completed for Platoon 7 is Squad 7-1-2. This was actually the first squad that I finished, but they have been sitting on a shelf waiting to be updated with a wash etc before having their mugshots taken.

Here is the front shot of 7-1-2. I love how even though the models were placed in pretty much the same place for the photos, and the camera wasn't moved, that some models are different sizes.

And to complete the squad here is a photo of the backs of all the models.

Platoon 7 is almost complete now. I will be starting work on the Platoon Command Squad soon, but beofre then expect some pictures of Platoon 9 and a Sentinel. Thanks for reading, comments are always appreciated.

P.S.: Over 50 followers now, so thanks to everyone who looks at my blog. :)
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