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Thursday, 18 February 2016
176 - Build, Build, Build

176 - Build, Build, Build

Has only one seen my mojo? My painting mojo? Nope, didn't think so. Never mind. Luckily my building mojo is here and it's been in full flow.

I started off with something simple and added some ForgeWorld armour plates to my Capricorn Chimera conversion.

Nothing too fancy but gives this Chimera a bit of a meaner profile and works nicely with the autocannon turret.

Next up was another Capricorn Chimera conversion. This one again wasn't anything too complicated. I built the Chimera kit up as per normal and then added the Capricorn rear hull piece.

I also added a ForgeWorld rear door.

I did have some issues with the Chimera turret fitting. I started off by removing the locking pieces to just have the circle plastic left. Unfortunately, the turret kept wobbling and wouldn't stay up properly, even with a bit of weight in the back. To fix this, I bought some nylon washers off eBay which had the right size cylinder to fit in the Capricorn turret hole (after some gentle (aggressive) sanding of the hole). With the washer rotating easily,

I completely removed the plastic nub from the bottom of the turret and stuck the turret to the washer. Now the turret fits nicely and doesn't fall forward.

For once I took some pictures of how I magnetise things. To start, I mark off how much space the magnet will need and then remove the plastic that is in the way using a combination of hobby knife and file. Once the plastic has been removed, I dry fitted the magnets and removed some more plastic if necessary. To make sure the magnets were placed the correct way up, I marked the top using a blue pen before applying a large amount of super glue and carefully placing them down.

While waiting for the super glue to dry completely, I started on the underside of the tank chassis. Using one of the magnets, I marked out how much of the guide plastic I would need to remove at both the front and back. With this removed, I checked the fit for the magnet and removed more if needed. It was a bit trickier getting the guide off due to it's location - hence it being a bit untidy.

To get the magnets in the right place on the inside of the tank, I held the dozer blade in it's correct position and then placed a magnet in each corner. Using a pen, I drew around each magnet and marked the visible side of them. I removed one magnet and applied some super glue, then went to the opposite magnet and did the same and then repeated for the remaining 2. Once the glue had dried, the other side of the tank is glued on.

As well as getting on with building, I've also been buying and I grabbed a ForgeWorld Artemia Pattern Hellhound off eBay. The paint isn't too thick so it shouldn't be too bad to strip off.

The Inferno Cannon needs a bit of straightening out and there are a couple of gaps on the chassis, but this should be a relatively quick clean up. I'll be going for a camo pattern on this one instead of leaving it plain like the other hellhound Ambustio - it might even get a bit of extra armour.

The Hellhound wasn't the only purchase off eBay. I grabbed 42 built guardsmen with a variety of weapons. These guys need their mould lines removing and it will be a test for me to paint something that is already constructed - these will be added to the mound of infantry to be completed.

There are also two Taurox (Tauroxes?) waiting to be built and another Valkyrie.

I've got an urge to finish off the Purple Knight so I may finally get some painting done.

Thanks for reading!
Thursday, 11 February 2016
175 - Hellhammer/Stormhammer Conversion: Part 1

175 - Hellhammer/Stormhammer Conversion: Part 1

In the pile of unbuilt models, I've had a Baneblade kit sat staring accusingly at me for a while. I have a plan for this kit though and bought the sponson sprue from GW as I wanted to make this a proper heavy hitting Hellhammer with 2 sponsons on each side.

Having built the main body of the tank, I blu tac'd the sponsons together to see how the tank would look, and it looks pretty good. My plan is to have one set facing forward and one facing backwards as shown above. Good plan I thought, but this still leaves an area that cannot be covered by the twin linked weapons. So the next idea was to turn this Hellhammer in to a hybrid Hellhammer/Stormhammer.

So I wanted to create a massive weapons bank that looks like my crappy picture above. This would be 3 top mounted turret lascannons and 3 sponson mounted twin linked heavy bolters or heavy flamers (9 weapons per side!). This seems to be a bit of overkill in my opinion and that central lascannon turret would be more of a hindrance than help.

Rather than cracking on and chopping up bits of plastic card or the current sponsons, I grabbed some card I had from the glass doors I had recently put on my shelves and measured up the space.

Once the card was measured and cut out, I scored along the fold lines and put in place. Please bear in mind this is a very rough design. A bit of blu tac is holding it in place and I placed the turrets on top just to see how it looks.

From the top view I don't think I would have been able to squeeze the third turret on. I may nudge the turrets closer together and see how they look, but at the moment they have really good fields of fire.

I will still be sticking with the 3 sets of twin linked weapons and need to work out their fields of fire. I'll probably do this by using the physical weapons and swizzling them around. I definitely know I'll have to build gun shields for the middle weapons but this can wait.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for further updates.
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