Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Platoon 7-1, Squad 7-1-3

My slow painting has finally produced some results, so this will be the first post of several showing the completed squads.

The first of these squads is 7-1-3. There will be squads 7-1-0, 7-1-1 and 7-1-2 as well, but so far only 7-1-2 is completed, I'm just waiting for the shoulder transfers to dry. 7-1-0 will be the company command squad and 7-1-1 will be the "grenadier/veteran" squad and will have the different camo that I trialed.

So here are the photos for 7-1-3. Please note that this squad hasn't been sprayed with matt varnish yet due to the brilliant English summer, and the missus refuses to let me spray indoors.

I used Photoshop to arrange the pics all nice and neatly. I did find that my new camera is quite smart whilst taking these photos, the face detection ability even worked on them!

Pretty self explanitary, the above photo is a front facing shot and the photo below is the rear facing shot. I think I got all the models in the same order for both photos.

Squad 7-1-3 reporting for duty then. Squad 7-1-4 are just having their photos done and will be posted soon after these guys. As always comments and suggestions are appreciated. Cheers.


Zzzzzz said...

Nice. How do they match the armour ? Is their flak a little light (in colour) when they are next to your LRMBT ?

Cadian 127th said...

Hey Zzzzzz, the flak armour is a lighter green than the vehicle armour. For the infantry I use Goblin Green, whereas the vehicles are either Dark Angels Green or Orkhide shade. I do paint the vehicle weapons in Goblin Green though for a contrast to the dark green. Cheers for the comment.

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