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Tuesday, 27 February 2018
199 - Steal it Back!

199 - Steal it Back!

Hello everyone, thanks for dropping by. In this post I've been building (surprise, surprise) and have chosen to liberate a vehicle from those pesky Genestealer Cultists that are plaguing the Imperium.

And the vehicle I have liberated is a Goliath truck. I quite like the Goliath truck/rockgrinder model. It's got something a little bit different about it. Seeing how it's meant to be an Imperial vehicle anyway I figured why not make it that way.

The kit has been built as the standard truck with twin linked autocannons. I closed up the rear deck lid as I'm thinking I'll fill the back with crates or barrels or maybe make it a hastily prepared ambulance.

To show that this is in fact a true Imperial truck, I've cut down a tank commander and slotted him into the top hatch. There wasn't much trimming required (and he will get arms and a heard I promise). The heavy stubber is the standard one from the Goliath kit and looks quite purposeful.

Thanks for dropping by for this update. Stay tuned for some infantry reorganisation.
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