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Thursday, 7 July 2011
Another Citadel Finecast Review

Another Citadel Finecast Review

Like a lot of people, I was very sceptical when I heard about the new Citadel Finecast range. Price rises each year I can kind of accept, I mean have you seen how much everything else in the world has increased in price. My worry was how this replacement would compare to metal and other resin, like Forgeworld. So I decided to buy a model that I've been holding off on, the Lord Commissar. His pose is cool and he looks mean, enough said.

Here is the packaging looking all nice and colourful. The full picture on the model gives a nice reference for when I can't decide how to paint the guy. My only disappointment was that there is no longer a piece of sponge in the packaging, and just when I was about to start trying sponge weathering techniques.

After opening up the packaging and looking over the model for a few minutes, I can honestly say that I found no major issues with the resin casting. To be honest, I couldn't see any issues at all. The details look crisp, there are minimal bubbles and all in the all the model looks great.

Overall I would say that I'm not overwhelmed by the new Finecast range, just pleased to have a good quality model, especially after some of the horror stories that have been going round the web.

I'll try to take some pics when I get around to painting him up, just to see how this compares to metal. Thanks for reading.

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