Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Fire Support Squad - Heavy Bolters

Continuing in my strange way of actually posting some completed models here is my first Fire Support Squad consisting of 3 heavy bolters. A second FS Squad of autocannons is in the pipeline. So here is a photo of the entire squad.

I'll now try to explain each model, starting with the team on the right. These team was done to try and look like they had basically just set up their weapon and hadn't had a chance to fully prepare it before engaging the enemy - so the gun shield is off and their pack has just been kind off thrown down. This idea also works with the loader firing off his lasgun in support.

And onto the second team. This is the one on the left of the main picture. Here I just went for a simple plan and just had the loader pointing out targets as the hapless guy on the gun tries to mow them down (with his useless BS3).

And the last team is the one in the middle of the main pic. I tried using an idea I saw in White Dwarf when the plastic Cadians first came out of trying to model a guardsman lying down. It sort of worked, although the pose is not really near to how a real person would be when prone. Anyway, this team was done so it looks like the gunner is running back to engage the enemy having been away from his post (tut tut).

I thought I'd try and give an insight into how I painted these models as well, everything was basecoated with Skull White spray to start. To begin with I'll explain the base. This was painted with Graveyard Earth. Some PVA glue was applied and modelling flock added. This on its own looks a bit lame though. So some more Graveyard Earth was applied to add variations in colour - to look like mud. Small blobs of PVA were placed around the base randomly and static grass was added - although certain pics don't really show this.

The heavy bolters themselves were painted with Goblin Green with a Camo Green highlight for the body of the gun and Boltgun Metal for the metal areas. The stand was painted with Chaos Black before Boltgun Metal was drybrushed over it. The ammo in the feeds was painted with Codex Grey with a highlight of Boltgun Metal. The ammo clips were painted with Red Gore.

The lasguns were painted in the same way as the heavy bolters, except that Mithril Silver was used for the barrels, magazines and also the stock ends. A highlight of Codex Grey was also applied on the stocks.

Now onto the guardsman. The clothes for these guys were done with Snakebite Leather, no additional layers or highlights were adde. Any green areas were done with Goblin Green and then a Camo Green highlight. The flesh is eithe Elf Flesh or Tallarn flesh. Once this was done everything was given a wash with Devlan Mud.

Thanks for reading guys. Oh and by the way definitely check out Admiral Drax' 100th blog to see the might of a Cadian regiment.


Col. Corbane said...

Nice mate, little dioramas like that really add the the army.

Marshal Argos said...

I like them but I think you need to either drill out the barrel of the HB's or at least paint a black circle there.... Otherwise they're looking darn good, especially the bases.

Admiral Drax said...

Thanks for sharing, and thanks for the love, too!

These are great little poses - they really tell a good story: I've no imagination for the creation of things like this at all, sadly.

And as for the prone loader? Mate, that's exactly how (awkwardly) I used to go prone when laden down with two tons of webbing, ammo, kit, armour and tea. The trick is in getting up again!

Col. Corbane said...

Drax - ain't that the truth, always hated feeling like an upturned turtle.

Craig said...

good job on the basing! Its exactly how I do mine. Graveyard earth has the perfect look, the flock i do bestial brown then graveyard earth and up through mixes of that with a touch of bleach bone, adds a little more texture. static grass always looks good though!

Cadian 127th said...

Cheers for the comments everyone.

@ Marshal Argos - I think my next purchase will be a pin vice drill, thats if the wave of Guard releases don't rob me of my earnings first.

@ Admiral Drax - I never got my chance to go prone in full kit (broken leg 2 weeks before RCB). Glad that it looks closer to the real thing than I originally thought.

@ King's Standard Bearer - I may try experimenting with some other layers to vary the bases a bit more.

Once again thanks for reading.

- Courtney @ Cadian 127th

Admiral Drax said...

Layers! Genius!

- Yet another idea I'd never think of. I wonder if I can remember to steal it at some point...

And a broken leg before RCB? Damn, that sucks.

Jeremy's Corner said...

looks great! i like the pose on the guy laying down!

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