Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Mortar Squad Update

As promised here are a couple fo pics of one of the Mortar teams awaiting completion.

The first picture is just showing the team from an angle at the front (with my nearly complete sentinels in the background).

The second picture is obviously a top down view. The crate at the front is just from the Imperial Guard tank accesory sprue whereas the one at the back is from ForgeWorld. I'm debating on if I want to add some sort of markings to my FW crates, maybe a serial number.

This picture also shows the extra ammunition laid out behind the tube. I've got enough spare bits to include several extra rounds on each base. These provided a welcome distraction from painting lasguns. Annoyingly the base hasn't shown up very well, but I still have to add some static grass. Other than that I need to add 2 lasguns leaning against the back crate, finish off the heads and give pretty much everything a wash of Devlan Mud. Now to motivate myself to complete these guys.

- One other thing guys, has anyone used the Games Workshop spray gun? And if you have is it any good. Basically I'm looking at getting a cheap (ish) spray gun so I can complete my Emperor's Fist tank company a bit quicker and also to make the camo schemes easier to apply. Thanks in advance for any comments.

- Cadian 127th


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