Saturday, 28 February 2009

PC Rides Again

Well after several hours I have my Pc working again. I had to reformat the hard drive and reinstall Windows but it finally works.

So here is a pic of the tank sponson weapons as of about 12 hours ago. Basically the heavy bolters that are nearly complete are at the top of the pic. These just require another coat of Goblin Green and a highlight. The heavy bolters at the bottom require several coats of Goblin Green and then the highlight. And the lascannons require some Mithril Silver for the tips of the barrels, some coats of Goblin Green for the barrel surround and then maybe a highlight.
No pictures at the moment for the mortar squad, however the 3 teams are nearly complete so I hope to provide you with some pictures by the weekend. Thanks for reading.


Craig said...

I cant tell if you have basecoated all your models first or not? If you have ignore me but since you're saying they need so many coats of green, what i'd do is spray matt basecoat of black (i get mine from halfords) then on the areas that will be lighter (eg your goblin green) paint a layer of grey (I use 2part codex grey to one part water) then apply the green. You'll probably find that will save going over it so many times, plus the basecoat gives it all something to stick to. Like I say, ignore me if you've already done all that!!

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