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Wednesday, 31 October 2018
204 - Bombard Built

204 - Bombard Built

Hello all and thanks for dropping by on this Halloween! 

Nothing too spooky going on here, continuing to build some of the many kits I've had in need of some attention.

This ForgeWorld Bombard has been sat nearly completed for quite a while.

The Bombard has a very neat shell loading crane on the back which lends itself nicely to being magnetised. So a little magnet was added to the base plate.

And one was added to the bottom of the crane arm. Now the crane can be removed for transporting but also can rotate for a little bit of fun.
I also magnetised the cannon - wonky magnet placement again. So it can be removed if needs be. It'll also help with painting it. The cannon had locating pins on each side and I cut these off before drilling a nice hole for each magnet.

Adding the magnets to the cannon supports was much easier as the hole is already there. Some super glue and a magnet on each side later and they are done.

I don't particularly like the classic look hatches that are on most of the ForgeWorld kits so out came the cutters and files and sand paper and the front hatch was removed. I replaced it with a hatch from previous Leman Russ kit which suits my armour a lot better.

Thanks for dropping in and I hope everyone has a great Halloween!!!
Wednesday, 25 July 2018
203 - Picking Up the Paint

203 - Picking Up the Paint

Hello all and thanks for dropping in. In a previous post I talked about how my paints were a little less painty. Thank you for the responses on how to try and save them. Some have been saved, others have not. That of course means that I need to go shopping.

Well I've been, and this is what I bought:

26 lovely little pots of fresh paint. The majority are your standard Citadel ones with a few large pots of wash lurking at the back. I won't list all of them, but there is a nice spectrum of colours to work with. I've also decided to dip my toe further into the Vallejo range and grabbed some Model Color White Primer (002) and Metal Color Gold (77.725). The Gold came highly recommended by the guys at Bristol Independent Gaming where I purchased these from.

If anyone is from the Bristol or surrounding area, pop by and give them a visit. They've got a nice shop stocking a decent selection of current tabletop game minis. But they've also got a very nice set up of tables in the back, which unfortunately I didn't snap any pics of. Check them out on Facebook though!

So I've bought the new paints, so really I should do some painting.....or not. Instead I grabbed the hobby saw and knife and set about destroying a couple of Chimera's (Chimerae?) to convert them in to set back versions like this one and this one.

Progress will of course be at my usual slow rate, but here's hoping for some more updates soon, maybe on the same project!

Thanks again for stopping by!
Friday, 25 May 2018
202 - eBay Chimera's

202 - eBay Chimera's

Greetings all, and thanks for stopping by.

Just a quick one today to show off some new eBay purchases. I'm sure I'm not the only person who trawls eBay watching and waiting for something specific that's no longer available.

Well I got lucky the past month and picked up some ForgeWorld bits that are tricky to get hold of. So here's what I bought: 

Two of the old style Chimera chassis with plenty of goodies. The left hand Chimera with the decent paint job comes equipped with track guards and a mine plough to compliment it's standard turret.

The Chimera on the right gets quite a few upgrades. Twin heavy bolter turret, track guards and extra armour plus:

The awesome rear door. I really do like this design.

My plan is to remove all the ForgeWorld stuff and use it to add to my set back Chimera's and other vehicles.

Thanks for reading! See you soon.
Saturday, 7 April 2018
201 - Paint Pot Problems

201 - Paint Pot Problems

Hello everyone, thanks for dropping by.

You will all have seen my lack of posts about newly painted miniatures. Moving house, renovations, life and being lazy have contributed to me not painting anything.

Now that all of the work to the house has been done and I've actually got some free time, I thought I'd take stock of my paints and prepare to start painting again.

Unfortunately, my paints haven't fared very well with the lack of use and most of them now look like the above picture. The paint is still liquid it's just very viscous. Do you think I could salvage these ones?

Not all of the paints are in as good a condition as the above so they will be going in the bin and getting replaced. Some of them are my originals from 15+ years ago so they've served me well.

Here is the full collection of what's getting chucked away. Mainly black top ones and the original Foundation paints. Plus some of the newer Citadel ones.

Of course if anyone wants any of these to try and rescue them, drop me a message and I'll see what condition they are in.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks on how to keep paints in good condition? They would be appreciated.

Thanks for reading, I'm off to buy some paint!

Monday, 5 March 2018
200 - Big Numbers: Post 200 and 150+ Guardsmen!

200 - Big Numbers: Post 200 and 150+ Guardsmen!

Hello all and thanks for dropping by! This is post number 200!!!!!
It has taken a bit longer to get here than I thought it would, but I was far less involved in the hobby last year than I expected to be.

Image used without permission

Thank you all for continuing to read/view the unpainted models I continue to release on the unsuspecting internet. One day they will be painted. And thank you for the comments, ideas and suggestions you post, they really are helpful and encouraging.

Anyway onto some infantry! I started collecting Imperial Guard because I liked how they appeared to be a futuristic version of current/recent armies. The right combination of lots of tanks, lots of planes and lots of infantry!

My infantry numbers have sat at a steady 80ish for a bit too long though. I've tried getting going on squads to bulk this out but with such a long time having passed, it was time to take stock instead.

And this is what I've come up with:

Quite a few guys really....and this is how that all breaks down: 

Red - Platoon 9 - 35 infantry to complete
Command Squad 901 - Officer, Standard, 3 grenade launchers
Squads 911, 912 and 915 - Sergeant, Vox, grenade launcher and 7 guardsmen
I've already completed Squad 913 and 914

Yellow - Platoon 4 - 27 infantry to complete
Command Squad 401 - Officer, standard, 3 meltaguns
Squads 411 and 412 - Sergeant, Vox, meltagun and 7 guardsmen
Squads 413 and 415 only have their Sergeants
Squad 414 is complete and can be seen here

Blue - Platoon 1 - 43 infantry to complete
Command Squad 101 - Officer, standard, 3 plasmaguns
Squads 111 and 112 - Sergeant, Vox, plasmagun and 7 guardsmen
Squads 113, 114 and 115 currently only consist of 6 guardsmen

Green - Platoon 5 - 30 infantry to complete
Command Squad 501 - Officer, standard, 3 guardsmen
And the rest of Green Platoon 5:

Squad 511 - Sergeant and 9 guardsmen
Squad 512 - Sergeant and 8 guardsmen - 1 more needed!
Squad 513 - Sergeant and 5 guardsmen - 4 more needed!

As well as the 3 squads for Platoon 5, I've also got 23 more pairs of legs which are on the right of the pic above. These will flesh out Platoon 1's depleted squads.

In total that makes 158 (yes 158!) more infantry! I don't know when I'll get round to painting them all but here's hoping. This gives me around 230 guardsmen ready to take to the field with a Regimental Command Squad in charge of 5 platoons (plus the odd heavy weapon as well)!

So I'm going to get busy cleaning mould lines off and gluing things together.

Thanks again for dropping by and see you all soon!
Tuesday, 27 February 2018
199 - Steal it Back!

199 - Steal it Back!

Hello everyone, thanks for dropping by. In this post I've been building (surprise, surprise) and have chosen to liberate a vehicle from those pesky Genestealer Cultists that are plaguing the Imperium.

And the vehicle I have liberated is a Goliath truck. I quite like the Goliath truck/rockgrinder model. It's got something a little bit different about it. Seeing how it's meant to be an Imperial vehicle anyway I figured why not make it that way.

The kit has been built as the standard truck with twin linked autocannons. I closed up the rear deck lid as I'm thinking I'll fill the back with crates or barrels or maybe make it a hastily prepared ambulance.

To show that this is in fact a true Imperial truck, I've cut down a tank commander and slotted him into the top hatch. There wasn't much trimming required (and he will get arms and a heard I promise). The heavy stubber is the standard one from the Goliath kit and looks quite purposeful.

Thanks for dropping by for this update. Stay tuned for some infantry reorganisation.
Tuesday, 30 January 2018
198 - Four Barrels of Fun: Hydra

198 - Four Barrels of Fun: Hydra

Hello again! While the Praetor Launcher sits patiently waiting to be built, I've got another kit done instead. This time round it's GW's Hydra/Wyvern kit

I really didn't mess around when building this kit and I made no attempt at making it a dual Wyvern/Hydra kit.

Ready to dish out some anti air!

And here are the two crew. Standard guy on the gun but I wanted something different with the other crew member. His left hand and pistol are from the Catachan Command Squad sprue and I positioned him to be protecting the rear of the tank.

Here he is on his own.

Oh yeah, and he's magnetised to the rear platform. A few holes drilled in his knee and foot and some lightweight magnets added.

And on the bottom of the platform I drilled a couple of holes and added some magnets for him to attach to. The tricky part with this was getting the magnets in the right places and then not drilling through the plastic to the other side.

The other crew member is also magnetised! I figured this might be a good way of keeping track of damage or weapon disabled results if I ever play a game.

Here is the underside of the weapon turret with the other magnets. The tiny magnet got stuck in the hole and despite my best efforts it will not come out so the strength of these is a bit lower than I want. I may have another attempt at removing it before painting.

Thanks for dropping by everyone!
Sunday, 21 January 2018
197 - Resin Alert - Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher!!!

197 - Resin Alert - Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher!!!

Hello and thanks for stopping by. Today in the fun of a British winter, where clear skies turn to snow and then torrential rain, I made a quick trip to Warhammer World on the way back home. This was a planned trip and I had planned on spending some money.....

Missiley death kind of money. As a present for completing a year long vocational training course, my wife bought me a Praetor Armoured Assault Launcher - click here for the ForgeWorld link.

I had spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out which kit I would like and we both decided on this one.

All the pieces laid out. This is an all resin kit and having had a quick once over, there doesn't seem to be any major flaws.

There are some chunky bits of resin in the kit and the sides are quite blank which could lend themselves to some nice camo design. I'm hoping I can magnetise the different missile load outs as well and maybe the front heavy bolters.

Unfortunately the Praetor was the only thing I ended up buying as I've got way too much to finish to really invest in more. I did want a Marauder bomber/destroyer and the Acastus Knight Porphyrion and the Stormhammer but those will have to wait a while.

Thanks again for dropping by and don't hold your breath for this one to be finished anytime soon!
Thursday, 21 December 2017
Wednesday, 29 November 2017
195 - Adding Firepower

195 - Adding Firepower

Hot on the heels of the two Leman Russ' and the Basilisk is the bringer of explosive missiley (new word) death - the Deathstrike:

Unlike the magnetised Deathstrike/Manticore I have done before, this was always going to be a simpler build.

A few flourishes have been added. A magnetised dozer blade (something I feel I need to do on every vehicle now) and some track guards which I did mess up with the fit on a little.

I've also done a bit of work on the Vanaheim Griffon and magnetised the mortar barrel. It works well however the barrel weight means it doesn't stay. I'm thinking another magnet to make it a more snug fit will do the trick.

The internal supports took a magnet pretty easily.

The mortar itself had some locating pins that were cut off and smoothed down before I added a suitably sized magnet on.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by.
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