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166 - Tracks, But Not Tank Ones - Part 1

166 - Tracks, But Not Tank Ones - Part 1

I'll start by saying this is a text heavy post, and thanking you in advance for reading.

Everyone has their reasons for getting into model making/gaming. Some times it's friends, other times it's a progression from other hobbies. I got into Warhammer after a friend at Secondary school showed me some of the models. But I already had the hobby bug before then.
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160 - A Month of Pure Nothingness

Hello everyone. I thought I'd just check in as I haven't posted anything for a while.

I am still alive, but very little hobby progress has been made. The usual things have gotten in the way - work, wife and Battlefield Hardline.

I am however hoping to have my first attempt at mixing airbrush paints. These will then be tested before use on the purple knight I am in trying to finish.

Sorry for the lack of anything substantial, but here's a picture of a cat in a box instead.
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