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Thursday, 11 February 2016
175 - Hellhammer/Stormhammer Conversion: Part 1

175 - Hellhammer/Stormhammer Conversion: Part 1

In the pile of unbuilt models, I've had a Baneblade kit sat staring accusingly at me for a while. I have a plan for this kit though and bought the sponson sprue from GW as I wanted to make this a proper heavy hitting Hellhammer with 2 sponsons on each side.

Having built the main body of the tank, I blu tac'd the sponsons together to see how the tank would look, and it looks pretty good. My plan is to have one set facing forward and one facing backwards as shown above. Good plan I thought, but this still leaves an area that cannot be covered by the twin linked weapons. So the next idea was to turn this Hellhammer in to a hybrid Hellhammer/Stormhammer.

So I wanted to create a massive weapons bank that looks like my crappy picture above. This would be 3 top mounted turret lascannons and 3 sponson mounted twin linked heavy bolters or heavy flamers (9 weapons per side!). This seems to be a bit of overkill in my opinion and that central lascannon turret would be more of a hindrance than help.

Rather than cracking on and chopping up bits of plastic card or the current sponsons, I grabbed some card I had from the glass doors I had recently put on my shelves and measured up the space.

Once the card was measured and cut out, I scored along the fold lines and put in place. Please bear in mind this is a very rough design. A bit of blu tac is holding it in place and I placed the turrets on top just to see how it looks.

From the top view I don't think I would have been able to squeeze the third turret on. I may nudge the turrets closer together and see how they look, but at the moment they have really good fields of fire.

I will still be sticking with the 3 sets of twin linked weapons and need to work out their fields of fire. I'll probably do this by using the physical weapons and swizzling them around. I definitely know I'll have to build gun shields for the middle weapons but this can wait.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for further updates.
Sunday, 24 January 2016
174 - Replace or Repaint?

174 - Replace or Repaint?

The other day I bought another new Ikea Billy bookcase, just the small 100cm x 40cm one to go on top of another unit that was currently just a dumping ground for all the random crap that seems to end up in the study. This has led to me rejigging where my models and LEGO are displayed and I spent some time cleaning the dust off them.

Within my pile of Leman Russ' that needed dusting are a couple of my original tanks (circa 2007/8). One is a bog standard Russ with heavy bolter sponsons and hull lascannon and the other is a part metal Demolisher with plasma cannon sponsons and hull lascannon. The Demolisher has the metal plasma cannons, demolisher cannon and extra bits so it weighs a fair amount.

Standard Russ - with expertly painted (?) splodge camo.

It's other side, just the other side.

Lets all wave to the new guys

Demolisher from the right

Demolisher from the left

While dusting these two tanks off, I was looking at the paint scheme and began to ponder if I should repaint the two or to sell them off and fund some new kits and start again. So I put the question to you, my fellow hobbyists. Would you: a) strip and repaint the models completely? b) freshen the tanks up by weathering the hell out of them? or c) sell them and start again? Answers in the comments below please.
Wednesday, 30 December 2015
173 - Christmas Distraction

173 - Christmas Distraction

I hope that everyone has had a great Christmas and is looking forward to the New Year. As well as my GW collection, I am also very fond of LEGO and have a decent collection of City, Star Wars and TECHNIC sets. Each year I'm always after something and this Christmas my wife certainly delivered.

And this is what I got! This it the 42042 TECHNIC Crawler Crane, a 1400 piece beast of a kit.

So after work this week I spent some time putting this giant thing together. This is after about an hour and all of the pieces from bag 1. The tracks consist of 45 individual links per side!

Fast forward another 2 hours and this is how the crane was looking with bags 2 and 3 out of the way. Bag 2 contained all of the pieces for the gearing and bag 3 was the outer shell.

This kit does have power functions - the power cable is sticking out the back. It also has 4 different functions which hopefully you can make out on the tiles at the bottom of the picture.

After another hour (so that's at least 4 hours total build time), I am left with this! It is an absolutely massive kit and really does look awesome!

Here is a close up now that all of the outer pieces have been attached. When I first tried to use the power functions, I had a panic moment as they didn't work. Then I realised that the battery pack took 6x AA batteries, not the 3 that I had put in. After the extra batteries had been added this crane trundles around, turning and lifting loads - I used it to steal the remote from the missus.

For anyone that likes building LEGO or construction kits, this is well worth a go.

Thanks for reading! See you in 2016!
Tuesday, 22 December 2015
172 - Voss Pattern Lightning: Part 2

172 - Voss Pattern Lightning: Part 2

Just a smidge more progress on the Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter. Last time round I had attempted to fill some of the gaps using liquid green stuff. This resulted in a bit of a mess - as you can see in Part 1.

I spent quite a bit of time sanding down this foul up and making sure that the surface was smooth with minimal signs of the filing/sanding. I also had to use a small drill bit to mark out the original joining holes.

To make things a little less untidy, I used regular green stuff to fill the gaps on the other wing section. Once left to cure for a few days (just to be safe), I trimmed and filed the excess before using some fine sandpaper to smooth the join.

The gap on the underside of the wing was also filled. This was a much harder piece to sand down and is a little less tidy than the top. I had already glued/green stuffed the manoeuvring thrusters in place which impeded my sanding space.

There was a slight gap on one of the tail pieces, so this also got the green stuff treatment. I'm hoping that the surface marks look worse than they actually are.

Now I'm planning on using some of my Anarchy Model HD stencils to create the camo pattern on the Lightning and I've got a choice between Hexocam, Digi Camo, Tiger Stripe, Shattered or a Classic Camo. I've used the stencils before on my mega bastion and the 4x4 Bear scout cars. This time round I'll be deviating from my greens and going for blue, aiming for something along these lines:

All images used without the owner's permissions.

I've already gone ahead and bought a selection of blue's and grey's from the new Games Workshop Citadel Air range. I will update this post once I get home with the names of the paints I bought EDIT: I purchased Russ Grey, Calgar Blue, Lothern Blue and Caledor Sky. I want to see how these hold up against the Vallejo Game Air and Model Air paints I normally use - though I do see a problem of them being in regular GW pots rather than dropper style bottles, but I've ordered some empty Vallejo style ones to combat this.

What do you guys think of the blue camo schemes? I want something that will really stand out against my normal green version.

Thanks for reading and an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you!
Friday, 11 December 2015
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Wednesday, 30 September 2015
166 - Tracks, But Not Tank Ones - Part 1

166 - Tracks, But Not Tank Ones - Part 1

I'll start by saying this is a text heavy post, and thanking you in advance for reading.

Everyone has their reasons for getting into model making/gaming. Some times it's friends, other times it's a progression from other hobbies. I got into Warhammer after a friend at Secondary school showed me some of the models. But I already had the hobby bug before then.
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