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Monday, 17 May 2010
Infantry Camo Scheme - two choices

Infantry Camo Scheme - two choices

Ok so whilst painting up the latest infantry squad to be added to my army, I thought I'd try something different. My usual paint scheme for the models is Snakebite Leather clothing and Goblin Green for the armour, with Graveyard Earth camo pattern added to the armour. This can be seen in the picture below, which will be named scheme A.

The something different scheme, which will be scheme B, is only very slightly different to A. All I've done is add a small line or blotch of Bleached Bone to the existing Graveyard Earth camo. Scheme B can be seen below.

So far I think that I prefer scheme B, but I've already got 4 squads painted up in scheme A, 2 squads with grenade launchers and 2 with flamers. I've got a couple of ideas of what I want to do but would like some of your thoughts on it.

My first idea is to continue painting my squads in scheme A and use B for my veteran's and Stormtroopers.

My second idea is to paint any squads in the future using B.

Third idea is to add the Bleached Bone camo onto the models with the special weapon and move the squads around. So basically I'll have 4 squads in scheme A, all with the same special weapon and then the rest of the squads in scheme B. This one is a bit more complicated and I'm not sure if I've explained it properly.

I did consider addding the Bleached Bone camo onto the original squads, but I think this may be more trouble than it's worht. Please let me know what you think about these ideas. Cheers.
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