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Tuesday, 5 March 2013
New Digs

New Digs

It's been just over a month since we moved house, and to be honest this is the first chance I've had when I can sit down and just relax and get back to normal a little bit (well as normal as possible anyway)

The house move went well. Both sets of parents were very helpful and things went smoothly with no arguments. As you can imagine the pas month has been spent unpacking the boxes and trying to make our house a home again.

Naturally, there hasn't been much, if any, time for hobbying, and I've just about managed a couple of hours on the PS3. But do not be downhearted, as I have received an upgrade to my man cave, several upgrades actually. Read on for more info....
And here is an upgrade! I got myself a new desk! And by new, I of course mean second hand off eBay. This wonderful item from Ikea cost me the grand total of £20 on eBay, and I had the fun of putting it together without any instructions. It is now in use and in need of some tidying already.

The second and larger upgrade is the room itself. My man cave used to be the smallest bedroom in the house, which was roughly 2m x 2.7m. Now I am in the middle sized bedroom, which is more like 3m x 3.2m. The extra space means more display shelves, which I haven't bought yet
Obviously I hope to get around to some hobbying soon, but I have been tasked with unpacking more boxes first. So I shall leave you with some pictures of my task to come. Thanks for reading.

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