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Wednesday, 9 December 2009
EFTC Cont. Part 5

EFTC Cont. Part 5

Ok just a quick update, but with lots of pictures. I finished doing all the masking on the turrets so that the four tanks could finally have their coat of Knarloc Green sprayed over them. So here are some pictures of the tanks with their appropriate turret added to them. Now I couldn't actually put the turrets in place properly because of the masking tape, but you get the idea.

So looking good and ready for spraying. I've had to spray the tanks in batches, so I've only managed to get two fully done so far. I have also done the other turrets but have no pics, sorry. I think that the camo has come out really well on these tanks and they already look a million times better than they did before. I am however going to have to do some touch up work with the brush where there was some paint bleeding. Oh and the final photo is without the flash on so as to get an idea of the colours in more natural light.

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