Tuesday, 11 February 2020

220 - Railway Project - Part 10

Hi everyone! Thank you for dropping in for Part 10 of this railway project. Still no name for the layout-  I blame my brother in law!

Today's update will be about ballasting! Exciting isn't it?

We actually decided to do a test of our ballasting on a small section of track before diving into the whole thing. The process we used is one that's tried and tested by railway modelers:
- pour the ballast on the track and be happy with how it lies, so not covering the sleepers completely

- mix water and PVA glue 50:50 and add a little bit of washing up liquid
- apply to the ballast using a syringe
- leave to dry for a minimum of 24 hours

Here is our test section once fully dried. Not too bad. With a bit of weathering it will look a lot less clean.

So we cracked on and did more ballasting on the inner loop.
And even more ballasting on the sidings on the inner loop. This section looks quite impressive and has enough space for some little scenes going on.
And ballasting in front of the station which really does look good. Starting to look like a railway now!

The weathering will be done using washes and possibly the airbrush to just add grim just to make the ballast look less like it's come fresh out of a packet.

Thanks for taking some time to view this update. Stay tuned for more!


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