Monday, 16 February 2009

Sleep Patterns

For the past week I've been matching my fiancee's sleep pattern - which basically means that I've been waking up at about 7.30pm and going to sleep at around 9.00am. Strange isn't it.

Anyway, thats not the main reason for this post. One of the reasons is to inform everyone that there will be some more pictures appearing on here of a few tanks that I've managed to finish (apart from varnishing (at time of posting)). I've completed my Basilisk B23, the Leman Russ Conqueror/MBT command tank (as seen in "Let there be pictures! Part Three") for my Emperor's Fist company, a Demolisher and another Leman Russ MBT. Stay tuned for those new pics.

The other reason is a quick update on what I'm currently working on. Now that I have seen the pictures of the sprues for the new Command Squads I'm glad that I've decided that I will wait for them to be released. Check out the post on "Bell of Lost Souls" and prepare to be impressed if your a Guard player. And so I'm continuing my work on some infantry squads, so again please be patient for some shots of these guys.

The final thing I'm on at the moment is the sponson weapons for the remaining six Leman Russ' for my Emperor's Fist tank company. Basically I've removed all of the remaining sponsons from the sprues and put them together. And here is a picture of the guns after I'd done this.

The weapons were then cleaned up to get rid of any lines/gaps etc. Once all of this done I put a bit of blu tack on the back of the sponson mounting and stood the guns up on a bit of card. Then I gave them all a nice coat of Chaos Black spray. Once this had dried during the day (or overnight depending on if your awake the same time I am). Obviously there were some parts that needed touching up, so out came the crappy starter brush and these bits were painted with Chaos Black. Again this was left to dry and then progress was actually made. First I had to mix up my Catachan Green paint as it had separated (if anyone has any tips on how to do/prevent this please help). But I ended up making it a bit too thin, so had to apply three coats onto the sponsons. Anyway it looks good now and all I have to do is the more tricky sections. Another picture to show this.

I probably won't do anymore to them tonight but I'll be doing the metallic parts next - so barrel, under barrel and symbols. Thanks for reading everyone.


Barjack said...

oi thats alot of guns, i think the punisher LR will be an intresting opponent along with so many other varients.

Admiral Drax said...

If you're able / disciplined enough you might turn the paint pots over once a week - that might help?

Also, I've no technical knowledge of paints or painting at all, but if I mix them too thin I've found it helps to leave them (closed) near a radiator for a day or so.

Oh, and I don't know if you've made any Leman RUsses before, but check the clearance on the back of the cylindrical sponson mounts: they tend to fit a little snugly and often the paint can scrape off when they swivel - especially when it's applied with a brush.

I wonder if a varnish would help to prevent this...?

- Drax.

- Drax.

Peter said...

I just keep mine upside down and they get turned over when I go to use them, It also makes the colours easier to identify although It's still hard to tell yer greys from yer metallics

Siph_Horridus said...

Good progress of sorts, more than me anyway. I have a full-ish constructed EFT Company all in need of painting as a side project away from my SM. Lots to do. Haven't glued the searchlights/hatches/tracks/gubbins yet, will paint main hull first and add details after for ease. Look great together and thats before painting! Good luck, i'll be following with great interest.

Cadian 127th said...

thanks for the comments everyone.

Drax: yeah i've noticed that the sponsons rub, its happening on my command tank :( , i think i'll give everything a coat of matt varnish before i put the weapons in place. maybe it will help.

i've started putting the pots upside down, i think it may just be because the paints are a fe years old by now.

Siph: glad to see i'm not the only person mad enough to do an EFT company.

i'll try and get some more pics on here soon. thanks again guys.

- Cadian 127th

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