Thursday, 18 December 2008

Let there be pictures! Part Three

Thanks to all of you who have managed to trudge through "Part One" and "Part Two". Now if you haven't died of exhaustion you can take a look at the current armour attached to the Cadian 127th Regiment.

Ok so the first tank is my company command tank for the Emperor's Fist tank company. The tank is 601 Imperator Furor (Emperor's Fury) This is the first tank of the EFTC to come close to completion. I am trying to decide on locations for the transfers, if I should add company markings and also I'm experimenting on my weathering techniques on an old Chimera chassis so I can get them close to right on this beauty. When I was thinking about this tank, I wanted to make sure that it stood out as a command tank, hence all the comms equipment. The equipment on the back of the turret is from FW and the stuff on the side is from the Apocalypse command sprue.

I also wanted to make use of the Hellhammer cannon from my Baneblade kit, so with a bit of cutting and filing the Hellhammer was fitted onto the turret and so the Leman Russ becomes a Conqueror variant. Again helping to make the tank stand out is the beasty FW mine plough. This thing was a right pain trying to put together and caused some frustration but the overall result is very pleasing.

I prefer the idea of having my tanks carrying all the gear they might need for a prolonged campaign - so the backpacks, boxes and fuel cans were a must. Again there is a smattering of FW stuff here and there - I also couldn't help but decide to put a Hunter-Killer Missile on each tank. The last piece of FW kit on the model is the tank commander. Unfortunately midway through painting his right arm, I somehow managed to drop a large and heavy item (wooden box) on the very edge of the gun - hence the demented plasma pistol. I am still please with how good this guys looks though.

On my old tanks I had gone with a Dark Angels Green main coat and then camo in Goblin Green, but having used the Orkhide Shade foundation paint to do my Baneblade, I thought I would continue to use that paint for the rest of my armour. I can't describe how much I love using the foundation paints and the finish is always great. Camo patterns this time were done using Knarloc Green. Overall I think the effect is quite good - but I'm trying to decide what style of camo to use on the rest of the tanks - maybe doing one squadron in one style and the others in a different one.

The next tank is Command Tank 611 Auctorita (Power). This tank hasn't yet got all the extra gear loaded up onto it but is coming along well. My next decision is whether I want to use another FW tank commander or one from the plastic sprues. I don't know if having the FW stuff scattered throughout the whole tank company is a good idea or if it will look to sparse.

Next up is Command Tank 621 Veneratio (Honour). Again not all the gear is loaded on and painting hasn't quite started yet.

Command Tank 631 Glorificus Letum (Glorious Death) has been put together and thats about it. Now extra gear yet and no idea on what damage to put all over it. That currently concludes the EFTC. 4 made, 6 to go :S.

Here we have one of my oldest models, which has been around since I had my Praetorian force. This tank is a quick conversion, with 2 Leman Russ barrels stuck together to turn it into a Vanquisher. Still looks ok, but is in need of an improved paint job and some updating - gotta love the old smoke launchers. I've actually managed to find a picture of my Praetorian command squad and this tank when it was a member of the Praetorian regiment.
And finally to conclude this armour section, we have my FW Artemia pattern Hellhound, which is very dusty. I decided to get this tank as I was missing a Hellhound from my army list, but didn't want to go for the relatively plain model that I had seen around the GW stores i frequented (GW Bluewater, GW Bromley & GW Thurrock). This is yet another example of me being unable to finish a project. I need to glue on the hull mounted weapon and some tracks, put on some transfers and that is it done. Maybe I'll get it done soon.

I'm hoping that soon I will be able to get some pictures on of my Baneblade, Demolisher, Basilisk, other Leman Russ and 2 Sentinels. But that'll probably be after Christmas. Anyway thanks for reading and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.


Admiral Drax said...

Mate, it's great to see so many tanks, and I love the idea of your hellhammer gun conversion - I might do that at some point in the

Oh: are you aware that in your (awesome) regimental badge design the roman numerals actually read 128 rather than 127? - just a thought...

- Drax

Cadian 127th said...

Oops, think I got carried away with the I's. Thanks for pointing that out.

The badge was created with a trial download of AAA Logo. Very cool bit of software. Have to screenshot to get the picture though.

The conversion was surprisingly easy - not much trimming was involved.

After Christmas there will be some more tanks up on here and hopefully some dedicated pages to my platoons.

Thanks for the comment again Drax.

eriochrome said...

I like the mine clearer.

Cadian 127th said...

The mine clearer is meant to have four of the launchers on it - two on each support strut. However I got sent 3 for one side and 1 for the other side. So the spare ones will be added to another tank at some point.

thanks for the comment Eriochrome.

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