Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Let there be pictures! Part Two

Welcome back for those who have had the patience to read "Part One". In Part Two I'll be explaining the infantry squads from Platoon 9 and also the heavy weapons teams. Unfortunately, the armour will not be included in this part but will be in Part Three, which if this morning is anything to go by, will be on here some time later today - but don't quote me on that.

Right then, the above pictures are of Platoon 9, Squad 931. As you would have seen with Pt One, the squad numbers on the shoulder pads are wrong - this will be changed. Like all my squads this one is near to completion - a quick flesh wash and varnish and they shall be complete.

I used Squad 914 to experiment on a little. The most obvious difference is the guardsman in the picture above with a different basing style. Before this guy, I'd just put some flock on, added some Graveyard Earth paint to it, to give muddy patches and then added some static grass for a variation in colour. I didn't even bother with drybrushing different layers - far too complicated for me. This guy was not majorly different. I just stuck the flock on the side of the base as well. I also put a strip of sand running across part of the base to see what it would like. I'm still a little torn over this idea as to whether it looks good or stupid. Plus it means that I can't put names on the side of the bases or anything similar.

I also had a go at repositioning the hand on the Sergeant to make it look a bit more like he was trying to kill someone or something. I have also robbed some items from the heavy weapons sprues such as the Sergeant pointing arm and head. This was also the first squad I tested my new Citadel washes on - and I'm pleasantly surprised. I've now decided to use this wash over all of the uniforms and also the flesh wash over the skin. I will soon be messing about with trying different skin tones - I doubt that all Cadians are this pasty. The problem before this experiment was I didn't see much point in shading and highlighting a load of troops when they are going to die pretty quickly. I went for a quick easy paint scheme so I could just get them battle ready.

I have a plan on what I'm painting next so I should have the completed Regimental Command Squad done soon, closely followed by the Platoon Command Squads as the army feels disjointed without them.

So the infantry platoons are out of the way onto the heavy weapons. Feel free to point and laugh at some seriously incomplete models. Firstly the mortar teams. These aren't particularly comical although the picture above does kind of look like the model in various stages of completion. Anyway I'm rambling.

The team on the left is very near to being finished. Basically I need to add some detail to the base such as backpacks, ammunition etc. When I started doing these teams I spent absolutely ages painting all of the spare mortar ammo so it can be placed around the emplacement. The middle team is clearly missing another crew member, but I would say its at the same stage of completion as the first team. The mortar in the barrel was just glued carefully in place so as to look like its firing. And the team on the right has only got the mortar stuck down so needs loads of work.

There was meant to be a photo of the front of this lascannon team as well, but my useless camera skills produced a severely out of focus picture - never mind. This lascannon team came about from me sitting around clearing out all my old bits and pieces. I found the base (from the Steel Legion Heavy Bolter team) and the overturned weapon crate during this clear out. Straight away I thought that I could turn this into a different style emplacement - it also meant I could steal the kneeling legs for use in my normal squads (very devious). There is a strut holding up the end of the lascannon by the gunner. It was made out of part of a sprue cut down to fit nicely. I'm trying decide if I want the loader to be firing his lasgun, throwing a grenade or maybe getting shot. Don't know how I would model his upper body taking a hit.

And finally my heavy bolter teams. These teams are once again so close to completion. They merely require some extra detail on the bases. With all my heavy weapons teams I've tried to make them obviously different to each other and I think that so far I've managed to do well at that.

So that concludes Part Two. Part Three will involve the majority of my armoured units so stay tuned.


Admiral Drax said...

Brilliant! These guys are really coming along. I absolutely love the last heavy bolter loader rolling out to snap off a shot!

Nice one!

- Drax

Cadian 127th said...

I got the inspiration from a White Dwarf when the plastic Cadians first came out.

I just counted that I've got another 43 plastic infantry to do - fun fun.

Thanks for the comment Drax.

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