Monday, 5 November 2012

Part 4: Set Back Chimeras

Only a little bit of progress to show today. I added all of the rivets to the Chimera's, so that painfully slow job is done. I also added the dozer blade to both of them and magnetised it, after overwhelming support for that idea. So here are the rest of the pictures.

 The rather more loaded up Chimera.

And here you can see the dozer blade removed.

This is the second Chimera. I added a few more bits of stowage onto the turret to help bulk it out some more.

The stowage needed careful placement so that it didn't get stuck on the rear hatch. I ended up trimming the knife down on one of the bags to make it fit properly.

Here you can see the dozer blade removed from the second Chimera.

And finally, this is how I magnetised the dozer blades. A very simple four magnet job, with a bit of cutting and trimming on the blade support and on the underside of the tanks. In future, I would add the magnets to the inside of the Chimera to hide them away, but unless you pick the tank up and look underneath, they are hardly noticeable.

Also, the magnets are relatively strong, so the blade doesn't fall off too easily. You really have to shake the thing about to get it to move.

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Colonel Scipio said...

Been following this one, and I have to say I come back every time and it gets better and better. Those rivets look really professionally done; when it's all painted it's going to be a real treat to look at. When I do tanks I try to leave stuff off the turrets because I like to keep the shapes rather than breaking them up but I have to say I like the 'burdened pack-horse' look there. Really nice!

wappellious said...

Wonderful work, as always! It is very realistic and seamless, and no easy task!

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