Monday, 26 November 2012

Just a Few More Men!

I've put the set back Chimera's to one side for a while as the weather has turned pretty crappy here in the UK, so it's difficult to get outside to spray them, and my wife doesn't like coming home to find spray dust all over the kitchen/study/hallway (which has happened).

So in the meantime, I have attacked the pile of infantry models that I had lying around. I find that when I don't have the energy to paint, I do have the energy to clean up and build.

Here is the mass of infantry. Currently slightly organised (to my eyes anyway). I'll try to explain my slight organisation.

Top left is a squad of 10 models, with a meltagunner

Just below them is another squad of 10 with a meltagunner, Their sergeant is going to be the Baneblade commander model.

And below them are 24 torsos that will be put to use.

To the right of the torsos are a variety of 18 legs, mainly from the Cadian command squad box set.

In the bottom right are two of the limited edition "at ease" Cadians.

Above them is a commissar and a lord commissar.

Also there is a half built lascannon team.

Next up is a half finished trooper with missile launcher and a lieutenant with lightning claw conversion.

In the top right are a couple of metal snipers and plasmagunners.

Then at the top are 3 autocannon teams that have just about been started.

And finally below them is another pile of 10 torsos and 11 standing legs from the tank accessory sprue.

All in all a bit of a mess really, but the squads will start to take shape a bit better once I've actually glued the torsos to the legs. But on the face of things, I have another 67 ish men to add to the roll call.

Thanks for reading, and I'm off to glue some legs to bases.


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