Friday, 21 December 2012

Collaborations and Christmas

I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front of late. I have actually been painting and modelling so that's a bonus.

A while ago, Zzzzzz from Devos IV and myself started talking after he had been kind enough to grab one of the GamesDay limited edition models for me. He made the request for a liaison team to be transferred from the 127th to 72 Army Group, currently engaged on operations against rebellious forces on Devos IV. After some deliberating and clarification amongst some of the 127th more inept officers (ie: me!), the request was granted on the condition that a liaison squad would also be despatched from Devos IV to the current classified location of the 127th.

With the request granted and the details ironed out, command squad 1-0-1 from Platoon 1 of the 127th and 2 vehicles are currently being prepped and outfitted for their journey to Devos IV.

Due to logistical problems (as in I haven't finished them yet), the infantry are unable to have their pict taken. However the vehicles are currently undergoing final fittings before their field trials.

This is a lightweight Viper Armoured Reconnaissance Vehicle, fully assembled and with its camouflage scheme applied. Vipers are designed to be durable and fast, so that if 2 man crew do encounter enemy forces, they are able to disengage and fall back quickly.

The Viper has yet to be provided with any armament, and this will be fitted once the vehicle has been field tested. Standard weaponry tends to be a single mounted heavy stubber or similar weapon, fixed to the roof behind the crew compartment.

The second vehicle that will be despatched is a larger Warthog Armoured Scout Vehicle. Although larger, the Warthog is equipped with a similar level of armour protection, but still has the speed to disengage if required.

Where the two differ is in armament. The Warthog is normally outfitted with two sets of twin linked plasma guns or similar, providing it with an excellent amount of stopping power.

Currently the estimated completion date for the training of the liaison team is early next month, and will hopefully be in transit soon after.

Thanks for reading through this everyone, and I'll take this chance to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! Have fun people!


Zzzzzz said...

Ha, you're way ahead of me (for which I appologise).

The Sarenian 11th will be holding a selection course (on 27 Dec, when the High Lord of Terror goes back to work for a day !)

Admiral Drax said...

Briiliant stuff!

Look forward to seeing the liaison team...

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