Monday, 26 January 2009


As the title suggests, it's time for an apology. To those of you that read my blog, I apologise that I have not posted a substantial item for a while now. This is through me just being a bit lazy and also that I've been saving the pennies to get some new paints.

However, I truly hope that within the next week I will be uploading some pictures of the Command Squads before they are painted. I also hope that with the completion of the Command Squads I will be able to get some full pictures up of both Platoons 7 and 9 - or whatever I decide to renumber them to.

The only things I have added to the blog are lists of recently completed projects and current projects. Bear in mind though that my current projects list is much longer than the few items currently on it - I've just tried to restrict it to things I've worked on in the past 2-3 months.

So please keep looking and I hope to read your comments when I've put something meaningful on here. Thanks for reading.

N.B. Soon after posting this update, I have read on several websites that one of the possible new releases for the Imperial Guard in the not too distant future may be a new plastic Command Squad for the Cadians. I know I may be being premature, but because of this news my Commands Squads have been put on hold and I will instead be focusing my efforts on completing more infantry squads and heavy weapons teams. Thanks.


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