Sunday, 11 January 2009

Guess What I Found?

Whilst being bored beyond all comprehension today (and also having seen some cool poems/rhymes on both Col. Gravis' and Admiral Drax' blogs) I had a look through some old files on my PC and came across a piece of my GCSE English coursework.

This piece of coursework is a short story - or at least was meant to be a short story. It is in fact a 10 page story entitled "The Tenth Battle Honour". Basically it is about an Imperial planet invaded by Orks. The story focuses on a defense of a town by several Imperial Guard regiments.

I have spent some time trying to figure out how to add the Word file onto my blog so that anyone that is interested can just download it - however that has failed. Therefore if anyone is interested in reading it please e-mail me at and I'll send the file across. Also if anyone knows how to add Word files to a blog please feel free to enlighten me.

Please be aware there is some swearing and gore in the story. Thanks.

Ok, thanks partially to an e-mail from Peter from FtW, I hope that I have managed to get the story uploaded. I did this by finding a website that hosts pdf files and uploading it to there. So here if you click on the following "The Tenth Battle Honour" hopefully you should get redirected to the right place. Thanks Peter and to those who read it.


Admiral Drax said...

Very enjoyable, thanks!

I won't ask you what you got for it, but I wonder how those same orks would get on these days, in the light of their new codex?!


- Drax

Cadian 127th said...

I havent seen the new ork codex yet - staying out of the gaming side until my army is complete.

If I could remember what I got for it i would tell you - but the main thing is you enjoyed it. It began as something to relieve the boredom of lessons.

Thanks again.

- 127th Cadian Regiment
- Lt. Col. Kyroskinovitz (CO)

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