Monday, 24 November 2008

Infantry Squads

Right still no pictures but there is a reason for this.

The first reason is I'm lazy and haven't got around to taking any photos, but the main reason is that I'm trying to get the models completely finished before I take any photos of them.

My currenttask is completing the 4 infantry squads that have been sitting around collecting dust for the past few months. These squads are from platoons 7 and 9. In each squad there is a sergeant, special weapon and 8 lasgun armed troopers. One of these does have a vox caster. The special weapon for platoon 7 is a flamer and every squad in this platoon will have one. I'm also thinking of keeping these guys to one side and given them some transport to act as a quick flaming response to battles or for city fights. Platoon 9 has grenade launchers, a nice versatile weapon.

In the not too distant future, Platoons 6 and 8 will be armed with meltaguns and plasmaguns. I'm looking at using the plastic versions of the weapons from the Space Marine sprues to do this, and also to make it a bit different to the metal Cadian models. In the far future this will be complemented with some FW Cadian special weapons, if only they did them without respirators :(.

Anyway back to painting and fingers crossed some pictures by next Monday.


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