Thursday, 6 November 2008

Blog Virgin

Right, first blog here goes.

This blog is being started having been inspired by Col. Gravis' Praetorian Guard blog and also Admiral Drax' blog, so thanks guys.

Firstly, I'll start with a list of completed projects etc, or at least ones which are near completion:

Commissar Yarrick
Command Squad - with Commissar
Heavy Bolter Squad - Hotel Alpha - 3 x Heavy Bolters
Mortar Squad - Mother Alpha - 3 x Mortars
Lascannon Squad - Lima Alpha - 3 x Lascannons

Ratling Snipers x 7
Vindicare Assassin

Platoon 700
Command Squad - with Commissar
Squad 712 - 10 x Guardsmen - Sergeant, Vox, Grenade Launcher
Squad 714 - 10 x Guardsmen - Sergeant, Vox, Grenade Launcher

Platoon 900
Command Squad
Squad 913 – 10 x Guardsmen – Sergeant, Vox, Flamer
Squad 914 – 10 x Guardsmen – Sergeant, Vox, Flamer

Cadian Pattern Sentinel x 2

Leman Russ Battle Tank
Leman Russ Demolisher

Thats pretty much what I've got finished so far. Although everything needs some small detail finished - like decals or basing. I think that provides me with a pretty good base to expand on with everything else.

And now for the huge list of things that I am yet to complete. A lot of this stuff is still on boxes floating around my study.

Creed and Kell special characters
2 x Commissars
3 x Preachers
3 x Cadian Officers
2 x Cadian Guardsmen at ease (Ltd ed models)
Kasrkin Squad - 10 x Kasrkin
Cadian Special Weapons - 3 x Meltaguns, 2 x Plasmaguns
Cadian Squads - about another 4 squads of 10 I think
Heavy Weapons - another 6 heavy weapons to be built
Armageddon Pattern Sentinel
Forgeworld Artemia Pattern Hellhound - so close to completion
2 x Chimera Transports
Leman Russ Exterminator
Converted Leman Russ Vanquisher
Emperor's Fist Tank Company - 4 tanks built: 1 almost completed (pics will be on here soon), 1 painting has begun, 1 basecoated, 1 unpainted and 6 still on sprues.

This is my biggest project at the moment. There are quite a few bits of Forgeworld gear going onto these tanks, and they are all being modelled as if they are on a continuing campaign - so lots of battle damage, lots of equipment etc.

As you can see there is a stupid amount for me to do. I'll get some pics of everything up on here next so I can get some comments and ideas. Thanks for looking guys.

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Admiral Drax said...

Welcome Aboard! (And thanks for the 'nod'.)

You've a heck of a lot of stuff: I sympathise entirely! It's always great to find a well written blog - I;m now excited to see the pictures to go with it...

Good luck,

- Drax.

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