Thursday, 28 May 2009

Command Tank 611 "Auctorita" ("Power") - EFTC

Well I promised some pictures of another tank for my EFTC, and here they are. This tank is going to be the command tank for one of the squadrons. It's numerical designation is 611 and I've stuck with the name "Auctorita" (meaning Power), from the list of names I came up with way back near the beginning of my blog, here.

Anyway this little beasty is at about 90% complete. All that remains to be done is a wash of Devlan Mud over the gunner and storm bolter, apply the relevant transfers and then protect with matt varnish. Enough of what I haven't done, and actually some stuff about how I painted Auctorita.

I do have some WIP shots of this tank on this post. At this point I had already primed the tank and put the main colour of Orkhide Shade on. The main thing that I tried out on this tank was drybrushing the entire model with Bleached Bone. I'd seen this used on the Games Workshop website with their Emperor's Fist Company, and I wanted to give it a go to see the results myself. Overall I am very pleased with how it has come out. I think that it helps to give the tank a slightly warn look but also contrasts nicely against the relatively dark green armour.

The rest of the bits on the tank were done using my normal paint scheme, so Goblin Green for the light green areas, Snakebite Leather for the clothing and Boltgun Metal with Mithril Silver highlights for the metal. I used Bleached Bone for the inside of the top hatch as this helps to draw attention to the gunner when looking at the model. The red areas on the tank and on the HK missile were done with Mechrite Red. This will be a universal theme over all of my tanks - the red on the front panels as another indication of the regiment.

So that is the latest tank to be almost completed. The weather looks good for the next couple of days so I should be able to test out my spray gun and get the rest of these tanks started. Oh also for the squadron being commanded by Auctorita, none of the tanks will have a light green camo, the other 2 squadrons however will have spray gunned camo, which I hope will come out ok. Thanks for reading everyone, and as always comments and suggestions are appreciated. And now off to build a bed!


Craig said...

so how many tanks have you got ready to be painted at the moment? Im working away on my hardened Vets in any free minute I have between exams... oop, another one today at 2.00, shouldnt really be on here at all!

Col. Corbane said...

Looking good mate, another Russ for the Emperors foot sloggers.

Cadian 127th said...

Thanks for the comments.

@ King's Standard Bearer - at the moment I've got 1 Leman Russ primed and ready to paint, and another one waiting to be primed. Then I've got 6 more waiting to be built. Once they have all been primed, I'll air brush them all with Orkhide Shade and get to work painting them. Good luck with your exams mate.

Thanks again.

- Courtney @ Cadian 127th

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