Wednesday, 31 July 2019

211 - Railway Project - Part 2

Hi everyone and thanks for taking time to read and view this update.

Another update for my brother-in-law's OO gauge railway layout, and this one focuses a bit more on the structures that we've been getting ready.

First up is the viaduct in it's finished form. The right end will be going into a hill and the left end will have a retaining wall continuing on. The viaduct is double width but the plan is to have one running track and then one track with a diorama on.

As well as the viaduct, there is a small girder bridge for the inner loop. Nothing fancy here, just a rescued base piece and some Peco girder bridge sides glued together. Some weathering will be done to make it look less plasticky.
Onto some buildings now and the first is a single track engine shed. This little fella will be at the end of a siding coming from the inner loop. This is the Metcalfe PO332 Stone Single Track Engine Shed.

Next up is a in progress shot of the Metcalfe PO238 Stone Wayside Station. This will be the station for the single platform on the inner loop. This pic gives you a little insight into the construction method of these kits.

And here is the station finished up. These Metcalfe kits really are top quality and with a little extra weathering will look awesome.

To finish up, here is what's next on the to do pile - the Mainline Station Booking Hall. This is quite a large kit, coming in at 285mm long, 155mm deep and 160mm tall. Looks to be an impressive building from the pics and the complexity. This will be the main station with two platforms.

Thanks for dropping by and see you soon.


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