Saturday, 22 April 2017

192 - Unpacking and Lighting Up

Hello everyone and thanks for dropping by, I am still alive! The house move may have been 4 months ago, but I am yet to get any sort of hobby space set up. My desk is built but has become a storage space for anything and everything that is getting emptied out of a box. I have earmarked some space in the utility room for my airbrush stuff - there is a vent hose that used to be for the tumble dryer that I'm going to utilise.

Whilst I haven't had a chance to build or paint anything, I have been busy getting my shelves set up and outfitted with some LEDs. And I have now unpacked my models and arranged them - kind of.

This is the main cabinet with infantry all set up and gaping space above with the Valkyrie and the Devos IV liaison squad looking lonely.

Underneath this are the Super Heavies, plus my older Russ' and some ongoing projects.

The lower half of the cabinet is taken up with the ongoing projects - apparently I have ot quite a few tanks that I need to finish!

Then comes the boxes of new kits, random bits and accumulated stuff. Hidden in a GW case are another 30+ infantry in part completion, with another 30+ in a set of drawers on the desk.

Next to the big unit is a smaller one with an array of tanks. Once again there are unfinished models in here, but I don't care. And you can see the unit in all its LED lit up goodness.

And here is the big unit with the LEDs on. It is very impressive in the flesh and does really make my models look much better than they really are. 

During the unboxing, I have decided to sell off a squad of 7 Ratling Snipers. These are the original little white metal ones and have been painted to an ok standard, but not by me. If anyone is interested in them, drop me a message to

Thanks for reading!


Colonel Scipio said...

That's a very nice way of displaying the models, I'm on the lookout for something like that. Glad the move is under your belt as well now!

Zzzzzz said...

Ha ha ! Good to know that you're still there.

Cadian 127th said...

@ Colonel Scipio - cheers, the units and doors are Ikea and the LEDs are from ebay. Not too difficult to put them together. The move is done, but the boxes still dominate!

@ Zzzzzz - just about, the shelf of unfinished models is getting to me though

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