Friday, 3 February 2017

191 - LEGO Ghostbusters: Part 2

Hello again and welcome to Part 2 of my LEGO Ghostbuster Firehouse HQ build. If you haven't read/seen Part 1, click here. In case I haven't mentioned it, this set is huge!!! Read on for more pics.

This is Stage 7 completed. The guys can relax in the fully equipped kitchen, complete with dancing toaster.

More of the completed middle floor. Look at the beds! And the arcade machine! And the windows!

The building is really starting to take shape now - this thing is huge!

Here is Stage 9 - the top floor. Stage 8 has also been completed and added, but you'll have to wait until the end to see the inside detail.

"He slimed me"
The mini figure details are very impressive, an improvement over the Ecto-1 kit figures.

With Stage 10 completed, the building is almost at it's full height and this side is practically finished.

The front windows starting to look more impressive.

Stage 10 also added some comforts and work related items.

Stages 11 to 14 were not photographed, but added another room, stairs and the roof. But they can be seen in the "action" pictures below:

The Librarian is after Winston.

Time for Venkman to catch the ugly little spud.

Tully didn't get his coffee before Egon started his testing.

Stage 12 built the photo room, but Ray is having issues with Vigo.

Stage 13, with taxi driver ghost, builds the stairs for the top floor...

...and the stairs for the middle floor, with Zuul possessed Dana.

Stage 9s room was the bathroom that needs a clean.

Looking very neat and tidy with the fire escape, ready to be opened:

With the Firehouse opened up, you can see all the fun going on - including a working pole!

And here is the iconic front of the building. I've moved the traffic lights temporarily until the set has it's permanent home. There are even some ghosts flying about outside. 

There isn't a lot of detail on the roof. The vent system acts as the securing mechanism for closing everything up. The Librarian seems to have Winston cornered.

One of the biggest questions raised about this set when it was announced was whether Ecto-1 could fit inside. Well, the LEGO website says it can, so let me test that:

Err... not looking like it will fit.

That would be a no. Now you could remove Janine's desk and Ecto-1 will just about squeeze in, but you won't be able to open or close the Firehouse doors. I might try and build an additional section with Venkman and Janine's desks on so Ecto-1 can fully fit.

In the meantime, the car gets parked outside.

It does however look very cool with the Ghostbusters display stand outside.

Thanks for reading everyone!


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