Saturday, 30 July 2016

183 - Sandpaper and Continual Punishment - H47 Artemia Hellhound: Part 3

I had a bit of spare time so continued with a tiny bit of progress on the Hellhound. In case you've missed the start of this, take a look at Part 1 & Part 2

The promethium tank has been glued in place and only required a small amount of filing on the bottom in order to make it sit flat. The track guards were also tidied up and glued in place.

The green stuff filling was given a quick going over with some fine sandpaper to remove the worst of the rough finish. I didn't spend ages on sanding so hopefully that won't come back to bite me later on. The turret is still loose and will not be glue in place - though I may magnetise the guide peg. I've still got to tackle that wonky barrel as well. Some careful bending will be required as it seems a bit twisted as well.

Not content with one ForgeWorld model to deal with, I bought another one. 

This time round though it's a discontinued Vanaheim Pattern Griffon Mortar. Not a bad find and still a cool looking model.

The Chimera base had been put together and the only resin that has been attached is the base plate/side thing. My only concern is the alignment as the resin isn't level with the inner parts of the Chimera which could make adding the gun shield tricky. Has anyone built one of these before and could offer tips?

Thanks for reading.


Admiral Drax said...

Looking good, mate...and I love that griffon variant!

Cadian 127th said...

@ Admiral Drax - cheers, I was very happy to find it on eBay - it's a shame FW have got rid of a lot of their really nice Guard stuff.

Da Masta Cheef said...

I've not built one of those (thought that bent inferno cannon barrel brings back bad memories), though I did build an Armageddon pattern Medusa which was an exercise in nerd-RAGE!!! I truly hope the griffon isn't a similar experience for you.

(in the event you'd like to point and laugh)

Cadian 127th said...

@ Da Masta Cheef - I just read your "experience" with the Medusa and wow that sounded like a pain! I've been eyeing up an Armageddon Basilisk but now am reconsidering in case it's like the Medusa.

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