Monday, 25 April 2016

178 - Back on the Train

This weekend saw me back at my parents house to add some additional bits and pieces to dad's train set. Both myself and my brother-in-law were there and we had a list of things to do: finish the background scenes, motorise more points, build and fix two display cabinets, tidy up power sockets and wall mount the hifi and speakers.

All very exciting stuff, but mostly things that my dad is not able to complete himself. We managed to get the cabinets, hifi & speakers and the sockets sorted but didn't have time to do the point motorisation.

We were quite successful with the background scenes (after a quick drive to get some extras that we were missing!). Copydex was our adhesive of choice and worked well with minimal bubbling.

Starting by the tunnel and swing out section (hence the line on the board). We used some 2mm board with 2"x1" battoning as support. The background scenes are by Peco.

We had to cut the board so we could still open the door but that wasn't too much of a problem.

These scenes were mountain lake and mountain countryside.

This is on the curved corner which was a bit trickier to get the scenes to stick. This one is country seascape going in to a market town with extension pieces. Some moss and rocks were added to cover up a slight gap at the bottom.

We bought some additional fence pieces that will be added to the platform and another station canopy set to double up the width to cover all of the tracks.
Here is the other end of the station with the market town going in to the old industrial town, again with extension pieces.

Here is the marshalling yard with the industrial town. We used two sets to really extend the town.

And finally the scenes by the village on the hill. The paper has curled over annoyingly so we'll have to try and fix this.

There will be some more background scenes added behind the village and along the blank wall but unfortunately we didn't quite manage to get this done.

Thank you for taking the time to look through these.


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