Tuesday, 31 May 2016

179 - Marching On - Imperial Knight Part 3

With a bit of spare time and some motivation, I continued my glacial progress with the Knight - and actually got something done!

First up, I finished painting GW Leadbelcher on the armour plate trim - very fiddly and somewhat nerve racking to think that I could quite easily mess up my purple airbrushing (and did have a few tiny errors). These pieces were then glued on to the already drybrushed legs.

With the glue dry, I carefully applied a wash of GW Badab Black to the silver, waited for it to dry and then gently drybrushed the metal with GW Mithril Silver - although in this photo, I hadn't actually done this to the "shin pads". I also applied some GW Badab Black to the recesses, rivets and certain areas of purple.

When the black wash had dried (left hand picture), I gently drybrushed GW Lucius Lilac over the crotch armour (right hand picture) as a test before moving on to the rest of the leg armour. The drybrush produced a very light highlight on the first couple of passes. I'm not sure if I want to build this up a bit more, but it gives me a good starting point.

The leg armour was much trickier to drybrush as I was trying to avoid getting lilac all over the metal. But here is the finished shot of the legs. I'm not going to be attaching the testicle banner as I don't like the way it looks. Sorry if the picture is a bit bright - I've been playing around with my painting lamps, but I hope you can see the details.

And that's it on the legs for now. Thanks for reading.
Comments/suggestions/advice are always appreciated.


Zzzzzz said...

Excellent colour. I really like it.

Cadian 127th said...

@ Zzzzzz - cheers, thought I'd try something different.

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