Thursday, 27 August 2015

165 - Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter: Part 1

Let the hobbying stuff begin! Yes, I have been flitting between projects again. This time round I've decided to half build my latest acquisition.

Behold: a Voss Pattern Lightning Strike Fighter (thanks for the short name FW!)! Building has progressed quite well so far and I was happy to find that most of the (main) parts haven't needed much work. I has mainly been filing but there hasn't been any warped pieces.

There are some gaps that need attending to and I have made an attempt at one.

I really like the look of this Fighter. Futuristic enough with a hint of other designs added in. I haven't glued any weapons on yet, and I'm toying with magnetising the under-wing hardpoints for missiles etc.

This was my attempt at filling one of the gaps using liquid green stuff. It's safe to say that for the remaining gaps, I'll be using regular green stuff and just being very careful.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for an update (hopefully soon).


greggles said...

I never know if my gap filling is helpful or hurtful to my models, as I have such a brute hand. Looking forward to see how yours goes together!

Cadian 127th said...

I've never had to fill gaps this obvious before. I'll just have a go and see what happens (and hopefully it turns out ok). Cheers for the comment Greg.

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