Monday, 23 March 2015

159 - Taking a Walk on the Purple Side

Over the weekend (with the wife away), I managed to get a little bit of my painting mojo back. Having stared at the built but not painted models that clutter my desk, shelves, other shelves and drawer unit, I grabbed a model that I hoped would break my painting downer.
And that model was my Imperial Knight. Having sat in sub assemblies ready to be painted for almost 6 months (a relatively short period of time for me), I grabbed my airbrush, gave it a thorough clean and set about undercoating the Knight.

Here is the Knight once I'd got it all ready to be undercoated. I used some bits of sprue and some old GW fuel drums to blu tac the pieces to. Everything was then given a nice smooth undercoat of Vallejo Grey Surface Primer. I then moved on to the colour.....

Purple! More specifically, Vallejo Game Air Hexed Lichen. You will be able to see in this picture and the ones to follow, that I still need to put a few more light coats on. There are areas that are a bit too light in comparison with others.

Here is a close up of "Smiley". I think I may have to come up with a better name somehow. If I was feeling adventurous I might paint the armour edges in grey and then highlight up to white, but the plan is silver at the moment.

A quick little look at the close combat weapon. You can also see that I haven't undercoated the rest of the legs, but I plan on doing them black so I'll need to mask off the feet. Nothing is glued in place so I can still get to the tricky areas.

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Stay tuned for a further update soon.


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