Monday, 23 February 2015

157 - Tanks For The Help

Sorry for the pun, but I really am grateful for all of the offered help to get some track sides for my Leman Russ. After some messages, some emails and some searching, I got hold of a space pair of track sides and tracks.

I got the track sides from Chris Gore via Facebook. We exchanged a couple of messages to iron out the details and a few days later an original set of track sides (built but most definitely usable), tracks and track guards (awesome!) arrived through my letter box.

Chris was very helpful and had a few other bits and pieces, but the most important and best part was that he didn't want a single penny for any of it! I tried to offer money, bits in exchange but he refused. I tried to pay for the postage but again he refused, just being grateful to help a fellow hobbyist out. And I really am grateful!

So grateful that no sooner had the bits arrived, then I was cutting them to bits (sorry Chris!). I say cutting them to bits, but really I mean making some minor alterations. As these were the previous generation Leman Russ sides, the guide sections have changed in shape ever so slightly. But with a model knife and file I started to remove the guides to make things fit.

The bottom guides didn't need touching. The base fits well, with just a minor gap between the front section and guide - nothing large amounts of glue won't overcome! Here you can see my vicious destruction of the upper rails though. The small section on it's own has been left deliberately and will help to hold things in place.

A few more minutes later and the whole tank was assembled and ready to go. I went over the top with the amount of glue used to make up for the removal of the supports. Everything was pushed together using the weight of a mug on top of the track sides.

Here is the built tank. You'd barely know that the sides are from the older kit. 
And here you can see why I left those random single pieces of guide in place. They do a good job of fixing the top section of the hull in.

Once again I would like to thank Chris for his help and generosity, and I would like to again thank everyone else who helped out.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for some further build photos (and another Leman Russ).


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