Monday, 28 April 2014

140 - Cadian Production Line Part 1

I am a slow painter. And when I slow, I mean glacial. I'm pretty sure by the time I've finished painting a squad a new layer of sedimentary rock will have formed. Nevertheless, I continue with what my wife surely sees as some sort of penance for sins committed in a previous life as I hunch over my desk. Anyway, I've been inspired by Ady over at Praetorian XXIV (who has just done an 11 part series of posts) to try and get some of the infantry sitting on my desk finished. Read on for more babbling.

As much as I'd love for this to be a daily update, other things will inevitably get in the way. I am going to aim to keep this as up to date as possible, and may add some sort of counter for how many figures I've got left. Here is a picture of the task that currently awaits me.

And what you can see is:

Back Row, left to right
10 man squad with plasmagun
10 man squad with plasmagun
10 man squad with meltagun

Middle Row, left to right
5 man command squad with meltaguns
2 snipers, 3 various troopers and 3 sergeants - yet to be assigned to a squad
5 man command squad with plasmaguns

Front row, left to right
Heavy weapon squad with lascannons
Heavy weapon squad with missile launchers
Heavy weapon squad with autocannons

Obviously they are all in different stages of build, and the lack of arms and heads does disturb me.

My plan is to try and get a lot of these guys done for an Apocalypse game a few friends are having. Wish me luck and thanks for reading.


Ady said...

I've never been an inspiration before. Most people follow me out of curiosity just to see what trouble I'll get into next.

Good luck.

Marshal Argos said...

Good luck!!

I thought about doing the same thing after reading all 11 posts, but I have to finish a few other projects around the house first.

Cadian 127th said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

@ Ady - first time for everything! :). Seeing someone with a large batch of models get them done does help with my motivation.

@ Marshal Argos - Cheers for the comment, this was the project that was taking up the most space.

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