Saturday, 22 February 2014

134 - A Battle Report (kind of)

I managed to get in a game of 5th Edition a few weeks ago. This was at a mates, and against him and another pal. The game was just a 3 way kill everything game. The point limit was 1500pts.

I took about 3000pts worth of my Imperial Guard, so I was able to choose a relatively diverse force. The other armies were Black Templars, led by Shaun, and Orks, led by Neil. We weren't being particularly strict when it came to the FOC, and just tried to pick units that looked like they might be able to kill each other.

In the end I fielded:
Command Squad: Creed, Kell, Heavy Flamer, 2x Troopers

Chimera with Autocannon, Heavy Bolter and Heavy Stubber
Company Command Squad: Officer with Power Sword, 3x Flamers, 1x Trooper
3x Squads: Sergeant, Flamer, 8x Troopers
Heavy Bolter Squad: 3x Heavy Bolters
Mortar Squad: 3x Mortars
2x Sentinels: 1x Autocannon, 1x Lascannon
Valkyrie with Lascannon, Missile Pods and door Heavy Bolters

Here you can see how everything was set up. I tried to balance out my force, with the infantry facing the Orks and the heavier stuff facing the Marines.

Neil's Orks looked very imposing through sheer numbers. Fortunately Ghazghkull and the Deff Dread pointed themselves in the direction of the Templars. Instead I had to face off against several Killa Kans, a mob of Orks and a squad of Gretchin.

The Marines had to deal with more Ork boyz, some more Killa Kans and the heavy stuff. Shaun had an Emperor's Champion, 3 squads of Marines with a plasma cannon, heavy bolter and missile launcher split between them, some bikes and an attack bike, a Razorback, a Dreadnought and a Vindicator.

Unfortunately we didn't take any photos during the game, but here are some highlights:

My heavy bolter squad immobilising a squadron of Killa Kans in the first turn
Shaun's Emperor's Champion slicing it's way through the Deff Dread only to get smushed by Ghazghkull

Everything missing the Valkyrie
Neil's gretchin taking out a couple of bikers, including the Sergeant
The dreadnought getting vaporised by the Sentinel's lascannon
Shaun's plasma cannon wielding Marine nearly blowing himself up twice in a row

And here is the ending shot. Ghazghkull is desperately trying to pummel the Vindicator, I'm trying to kill of a couple of Marines in close combat, and the missile launcher is failing to hit the Valkyrie

Here is Neil's box of casualties, the Orks being as ineffective at shooting as always.

Shaun's Black Templars didn't fair much better.

And here are the 127th's casualties. Surprisingly low, but that was mainly down to going to ground and then getting back in the fight. I'm not sure if I used the orders system correctly, but it didn't feel overpowered if I did get it wrong.

And finally Neil (on the right) and myself survey the battlefield before hand.

For my first game in over a year, this was a really fun way of getting back into playing. Shaun and Neil made it enjoyable and now we're planning an Apocalypse game between us.

Thanks for reading!


Zzzzzz said...

I'd chalk that one up as a victory for the 127th.

Always interesting to see the IG on the receiving end of the irrational wrath of the BT's again. They're not to be trusted.

Cadian 127th said...

Cheers Zzzzzz. A definite victory. The Valk seemed to do the business, but then the Chimera also helped a lot.

At least I wasn't on the receiving end of the Vindicator or that pesky Emperor's Champion!

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