Saturday, 15 June 2013

112 - Empress Miniatures Kickstarter

Having avoided the pull of the money pit that is kickstarter, I've succumbed to 2 projects over the past months, Col. Gravis' brilliant heavy weapons and Secret Weapon Miniatures modular boards. And now I've succumbed to another.

I've pledged on Empress Miniatures Devil Dogs and Dragons kickstarter, which is here. This has taken my interest as I've always wanted to do some modern infantry having been brought up on Airfix kits but never made or painted any infantry. I went for the Unit5:Kpot pledge and this will give me 20 marines in helmets. A nice little starter force.

Take a look at their project and also their website as they have a massive range of other models - including Anglo-Zulu war figures.


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