Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Anvil Industry's Granite Wasteland Bases Review

I've been debating about buying some resin bases for my Crimson Fists and took the plunge on Friday morning (07/09/2012). There are quite a few companies etc that do resin bases, and I opted for Anvil Industry's "Granite Wasteland" series, which can be found here or the home page is here.

Image used with owner's permission

Here's the blurb that is displayed on the Anvil Industry web page about their bases:
"Traditional Resin Bases are very unstable/slippery and make it very difficult to position your miniatures on anything but perfectly level terrain. Anvil Gaming Bases are designed for gaming. Our "DARK FORGE" resin hybrid material is twice as heavy as normal resin, while "Texture-Grip" underside sticks to terrain features. The result? Your miniature with an Anvil Gaming Base will remain upright and stable on almost any gaming surface, no matter how uneven, sloped or slippery."

I decided to purchase 10x 25mm round, 2x 40mm round and 1x 60mm "B". The customer service from Joel was absolutely excellent. I'd forgotten to add the 60mm base into my basket, but luckily managed to get in touch with him and the base was added (my order was just being packed, very lucky) once I'd sent the extra funds via PayPal.

I received an e-mail update to say that my order had been shipped on Friday afternoon and when the post arrived on Saturday morning, there was a neatly packaged set of bases for me to get to grips with. The bases were packed in their own sealable bag, 60mm base in one, 40mm bases in another and 25mm bases in another. These were all in a bubble wrap filled envelope and survived the Royal Mail trip perfectly. And now for some pictures:

This is the 60mm "B" base, at two different angles. All of the details are nice and crisp and there are no faults at all. Click on the image for larger versions.

Here is a shot of the underside of the base. This shows the "Texture-Grip" to stop the
bases from slipping.

Next are the two 40mm bases. Again the detail on these are top notch. The bases are black by nature because of the "Dark Forge" resin. I've no idea what sort of hybrid it is, as I'm not up to scratch when it comes to resin.

And here are the 25mm bases. As before the detail is truly excellent. There is a nice variety in the bases and with the addition of a few bitz these could really be personalised to your own army. The bases are definitely heavy, I've not weighed them but they seem like they'll provide a nice weight to a model to stop it falling over.

Thanks for reading. I would definitely recommend Anvil Industry's for anyone who's looking for excellent quality items and customer service. They do a lot of conversion pieces as well
so take a look.


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