Monday, 6 February 2012

Penal Legion Squad

At the beginning of the year Mike over at Santa Cruz Warhammer ran a competition giving away a Penal Guard conversion set, courtesy of Victoria Lamb who runs Victoria Miniatures. The draw for the winner was made, and to my surprise it was my name pulled out of the hat.

When I got home from work on Friday I had a package waiting for me, and inside was the conversion set. And here are some pics of what I received.
 The conversion set in its bag.

And the set laid out.

Now this means that I can make up a Penal Legion squad. I hope to get this started sooner rather than later as I can't let this set languish on a shelf. WIP pics will be a must and I'll keep everyone updated on how I get on.

Finally I'd just like to say thanks to Mike at SCW and also Victoria Lamb for donating the set. Thanks guys.


Duce said...

What about convertin them into a Veteran squad with a theme behind them?

maybe Forward senteries to show them as sneaky and trap setting guys, add in harker for a roughy Sgt, mix in some special weapons and a heavy weapon team, maybe another heavy bolter, or autocannon.

it wouldn't be that comp (Not sur eif you intend to use your penal legion or not) but ti would make for great small skirmish kill team type games.

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