Tuesday, 31 January 2012

A View of Things to Come

Once again I've been distracted from hobbying by video games. Christmas was kind and now I dont have enough spare time to play all of them.

Also, as can be seen, I've got myself a new desktop PC and have started going through Dawn of War 2 as well. Many sleepless nights have followed.

Dont despair though, as I am still trying to build and paint something. In fact my current project is rather a large one.

For now I shall leave you with just the one pic, but there will be more. Thanks for reading. 


Chris said...

Ba Ba Ba Baneblade!

Duce said...

What type of superheavy are you rolling out? or is it going to be custom job one? (If so do the old school stormblade to scare people)

Cadian 127th said...

well its going to be a baneblade variant - several variants actually.
I'm currently dry fitting the Shadowsword/Stormlord kit so I can use all 6 variants

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