Wednesday, 27 November 2019

216 - Railway Project - Part 6

Hello everyone, thank you for taking a look at the latest update.

If this is the first time you've dropped in, the previous parts can be found below:

Today's update is going to be about even more Metcalfe card buildings. This one is quite picture heavy so have fun.

At the front of the layout will be the main station and that station will have some platforms which will be made from the Stone Platform Kit PO235. 

To create the platforms, a template of blank card is used, which is at the top of the above picture. This then allows you to attach the pavement sheets and cut them to the right shape and size. A front wall is attached and then the triangle supports are added as shown above.

This method allows you to create a platform of any length and also add some shape to the platform too. For example, if you have a platform on a curve, you can cut that curve out.

The rear retaining wall is added at the rear of the platform section to stop scale people falling off. This section is for the outside of the loop and is the largest single platform section.

Finally, stick on paving slabs are added on the edge to make the platform appear more realistic. This piece is for the opposite side and will have the main station building with it.

And this small section will go on the other end of the main station, as it comes wit a piece of platform already attached.

Here is the beginnings of the main station. This is the Mainline Station Booking Hall kit PO320 and really is an imposing and impressive building. You will have to wait for photos of the front of the building due to some glue issues.

You can however see the finished back of the building, with canopy and platform attached.

The large section of platform isn't going to be completely empty. We have built the Island Platform Building PO322 for this side, make use of many clothes pegs.

For a smaller kit, there is still a lot of detail and the above pic hopefully gives you a bit more of an idea of how these kits are constructed.

With the windows and roof added, we have a nice little building to add something more to the platform.

With having two platforms, we needed a way for people to get across the tracks. Enter the Footbridge kit PO236. This one was tricky to find a few months ago as there appeared to be a stock shortage, though they may have been updating it at the time of looking. The kit is made up of two stair sections with some nice window detailing.

There is then a central span, which can be cut down depending on how big the gap is that you need your bridge to cross. You can also combine the kit to create a bigger footbridge with multiple stairs if needed.

Here is the completed footbridge, ready for people to walk across to get to the other platform.
Every layout needs a signal box, and this one is no different. So we've got the PO330 GWR Signal Box. May not be completely accurate for the locomotives we'll be running, but this isn't a replica of anywhere in particular.

Unfortunately, we forgot to get the interior detail kit for the signal box which gives you signal levers and a fire place and other little bits. The kit still looks awesome and will be great on the layout.
Finally, there are a couple of buildings to be added to the hilltop. On the left is a workers cottage and on the right is the more impressive farm house. These come as a set in the Manor Farm House kit PO250. Unfortunately there are no WIP shots of these, but they will add some nice detail to the hilltop.

Cheers for taking the time to scroll through this update, there is a lot more to come.


Unknown said...

That's some really nice stuff. Lookingforward to the overall progress shot.

Kevin Spyrle said...

Great work!

Cadian 127th said...

Thanks guys. It's getting there slowly.

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