Monday, 5 March 2018

200 - Big Numbers: Post 200 and 150+ Guardsmen!

Hello all and thanks for dropping by! This is post number 200!!!!!
It has taken a bit longer to get here than I thought it would, but I was far less involved in the hobby last year than I expected to be.

Image used without permission

Thank you all for continuing to read/view the unpainted models I continue to release on the unsuspecting internet. One day they will be painted. And thank you for the comments, ideas and suggestions you post, they really are helpful and encouraging.

Anyway onto some infantry! I started collecting Imperial Guard because I liked how they appeared to be a futuristic version of current/recent armies. The right combination of lots of tanks, lots of planes and lots of infantry!

My infantry numbers have sat at a steady 80ish for a bit too long though. I've tried getting going on squads to bulk this out but with such a long time having passed, it was time to take stock instead.

And this is what I've come up with:

Quite a few guys really....and this is how that all breaks down: 

Red - Platoon 9 - 35 infantry to complete
Command Squad 901 - Officer, Standard, 3 grenade launchers
Squads 911, 912 and 915 - Sergeant, Vox, grenade launcher and 7 guardsmen
I've already completed Squad 913 and 914

Yellow - Platoon 4 - 27 infantry to complete
Command Squad 401 - Officer, standard, 3 meltaguns
Squads 411 and 412 - Sergeant, Vox, meltagun and 7 guardsmen
Squads 413 and 415 only have their Sergeants
Squad 414 is complete and can be seen here

Blue - Platoon 1 - 43 infantry to complete
Command Squad 101 - Officer, standard, 3 plasmaguns
Squads 111 and 112 - Sergeant, Vox, plasmagun and 7 guardsmen
Squads 113, 114 and 115 currently only consist of 6 guardsmen

Green - Platoon 5 - 30 infantry to complete
Command Squad 501 - Officer, standard, 3 guardsmen
And the rest of Green Platoon 5:

Squad 511 - Sergeant and 9 guardsmen
Squad 512 - Sergeant and 8 guardsmen - 1 more needed!
Squad 513 - Sergeant and 5 guardsmen - 4 more needed!

As well as the 3 squads for Platoon 5, I've also got 23 more pairs of legs which are on the right of the pic above. These will flesh out Platoon 1's depleted squads.

In total that makes 158 (yes 158!) more infantry! I don't know when I'll get round to painting them all but here's hoping. This gives me around 230 guardsmen ready to take to the field with a Regimental Command Squad in charge of 5 platoons (plus the odd heavy weapon as well)!

So I'm going to get busy cleaning mould lines off and gluing things together.

Thanks again for dropping by and see you all soon!


Zzzzzz said...

OK. Looking forward to the 'after'/family photo.

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