Tuesday, 30 January 2018

198 - Four Barrels of Fun: Hydra

Hello again! While the Praetor Launcher sits patiently waiting to be built, I've got another kit done instead. This time round it's GW's Hydra/Wyvern kit

I really didn't mess around when building this kit and I made no attempt at making it a dual Wyvern/Hydra kit.

Ready to dish out some anti air!

And here are the two crew. Standard guy on the gun but I wanted something different with the other crew member. His left hand and pistol are from the Catachan Command Squad sprue and I positioned him to be protecting the rear of the tank.

Here he is on his own.

Oh yeah, and he's magnetised to the rear platform. A few holes drilled in his knee and foot and some lightweight magnets added.

And on the bottom of the platform I drilled a couple of holes and added some magnets for him to attach to. The tricky part with this was getting the magnets in the right places and then not drilling through the plastic to the other side.

The other crew member is also magnetised! I figured this might be a good way of keeping track of damage or weapon disabled results if I ever play a game.

Here is the underside of the weapon turret with the other magnets. The tiny magnet got stuck in the hole and despite my best efforts it will not come out so the strength of these is a bit lower than I want. I may have another attempt at removing it before painting.

Thanks for dropping by everyone!


Phil said...

Nice job sir, impressive details!

Zzzzzz said...

Ahh. Giid kuck with moving the magnets

Cadian 127th said...

@ Phil - cheersfor the comment

@ Zzzzzz - cheers, not sure I'm going to have much luck though.

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