Saturday, 31 January 2015

155 - Just A Little More Preparation

My hobby mojo has been a bit off lately. I can't find the willingness to start painting anything, or finish painting anything - I'm looking at you 5 Leman Russ'! However, whilst I don't want to paint, I do want to get stuff ready for painting.

With that in mind, I had a rummage through my boxes of unfinished and half started kits and found an Aegis defence line and the rest of the pieces for the mega bastion I had started.

This is everything that I have still got to clean up. Some targeting skull things for the bastion and a comms array.

Here's a comms array that I have actually finished and put together. This thing is a good 12cm tall, and very fragile. I think it'll stay on a shelf rather than actually get used.

I've also got a couple of Icarus pattern lascannons built and partially undercoated. They've got mounting bases as well and also fit in the mega bastion.

As if the two lascannons weren't enough, I've got a quad autocannon to add to the firepower. I'm thinking the mega bastion will have this beast in the middle and the lascannons at each end.

I've also got another couple of support style mounts for the guns or comms relays. The comms relays also fit in the bulkier gun mounts and on top of the mega bastion.

Just in case the mega bastion (might be overusing that phrase by now) can't fit everyone in, I've got an Aegis Defence Line ready for painting too. It will be painted up in the same pattern as the mega bastion, but I might be a bit more creative with the splinter camo.

The bastion has some more firepower ready for paint - this time in the form of 8 heavy bolters!

And finally, here are some assorted bits and bobs that will get added to the mega bastion.

Thanks for reading, and await some actual paint!


greggles said...

I am exactly the same way. I put off painting by prepping, cleaning, and building. It's funny because when I start painting I love's just getting over that first hump!

Cadian 127th said...

@ Greg - I find that sometimes I've got to just sit down and force myself to start painting, then I'll do it for days.

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