Tuesday, 25 November 2014

151 - Secret Weapon Tablescapes: Rolling Fields

Way back in June 2013, Secret Weapon launched a kickstarter for their Tablescapes - cast tiles to create a gaming board. I backed the kickstarter and it has finally arrived. Please have a look below for the link to my review on Talk Wargaming.

I only made a small pledge so the review covers the 4 tile set of Rolling Fields.

Here is the link: Rolling Fields Review and here is a picture of the box:

Obviously I plan to paint these at some point - so they have been added to the pile of never ending stuff to do.

I hope you find my review useful and thanks for taking a look.


greggles said...

Aw poop! The review link isn't working! I was so excited! Been waiting for some people to review these!

Cadian 127th said...

Ah erm, the link should be working now Greg. Not sure what went wrong there.

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